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My Experience so Far...

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Clint, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. Clint

    Clint Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 2, 2011
    Maggie Valley, NC
    Pack a day smoker for 5 years beginning in 2005, Marlboro Reds were my particular choice. Friend of mine and his GF both got e-cigs and were puffing on the one day, sparked my curiosity. I tried his, and loved the taste, it was an V4L Doc Pepper carto. Couple days later I see my same buddy walking towards me, reaches in his pocket and hands me a red V4L manual battery and some Melon flavored cartos, I was stoked!!! 3 Days in without a ''regular'' cigarette, today I did light up one of the reds I had left, took one puff, and was absolutely disgusted, it tasted so bad!!! I threw it out the window! I've noticed that my sense of smell has improved, is this normal? And my taste as well. I really love not smelling like total garbage as well, cant believe I have gone 5 years smelling like a walking ash tray, I wonder how many missed opportunities with non-smoking ladies have been thwarted due to the disgusting habit I picked up. Tons of really good information on this discussion board, decided to register!
  2. B Pak

    B Pak Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 20, 2011
    Welcome and it's awesome to hear that another person has finally put down the cigarettes. I'm actually taking a course in Drugs Health and Society right now and I'm pulling this straight out of my notes:

    The benefits of Quitting Tobacco:

    Within 20 minutes:
    -blood pressure drops to normal
    -pulse rate drops to normal rate
    -body temperature of hands and feet return to normal

    After 8 hours:
    -carbon monoxide levels in blood drops to normal
    -oxygen level in blood increases to normal

    After 24 hours:
    -chance of heart attack decreases

    After 48 hours:
    -nerve endings start regrowing
    -ability to smell and taste is enhanced

    After 72 hours:
    -bronchial tubes relax, making breathing easier
    After 2 weeks to 3 months:
    -circulation improves
    -walking becomes easier
    -lung function increases

    After 1 to 9 months:
    -coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath decrease
    -in the lungs, cilia regrow, which increases the ability to handle mucus, clean the lungs, and reduce infection
    -body's overall energy level increases

    Enjoy the benefits!
  3. sharrymary

    sharrymary Full Member

    Feb 9, 2011
    Welcome to the forum Clint so glad you decided to register, and Congrats on quitting keep it going the forum is a great support group
  4. Pneathery

    Pneathery Super Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 2, 2011
    Surfside Beach SC
    Congratulations! I went from 3-5 packs a day to just vapid g, and it is incredible! I can breathe, I can taste, all of it. It's a miracle. You have a good friend there, just return the favor someday. I've got three old kits floating around my house, and am waiting for the right person to give one too myself. Good luck, and welcome!
  5. TNTAbilene

    TNTAbilene Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 30, 2010
    Abilene, Texas
    Welcome Clint, and congrats on your first three days! I'm always in awe of those who were able to quit from the start... took me several months to finally kick them. Sounds like you have a really good friend! You'll find the people here are also extremely helpful and will be happy to answer all the questions you're going to have... so ask away!

    B Pak, good information, thanks!
  6. classwife

    classwife Admin Admin Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Clint, welcome to ECF ! Congratulations !

    Isn't amazing to realize how we reeked !!!!
  7. Love Lived

    Love Lived Full Member

    Jan 5, 2011
    Thanks for posting this B PAK. I've been off analogs since December and I gotten used to better breathing and increased energy. I also don't need as many hours of sleep anymore. I wake up rested. I haven't feel this good since I was 17 (When I first started smoking). Now that I'm 35 I feel like I have new lease on life.
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