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National e-cigarette consumer associations

Discussion in 'The ECF Library' started by rolygate, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. rolygate

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    Sep 24, 2009
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    One of the best things you can do, if you are grateful to electronic cigarettes for improving your life, and to the e-cig community for helping you, is to join a consumer association.

    E-cigarettes are very important to many people but despite this they are under threat everywhere, since they threaten the income of some powerful vested interests. The problem is that people who use an e-cig:

    -- Don't buy expensive pharmaceuticals in repeated attempts to quit smoking
    -- Don't spend a fortune on cigarettes
    -- Don't pay vast amounts in sin tax
    -- Don't need months of extremely expensive treatment with chemotherapy drugs

    So there are lots of people who would be only too happy to see e-cigs disappear, and who are trying to make that happen. Consumer associations have already made a big difference - the US association, CASAA, has been instrumental in having many local bans prevented.

    It's true that the major legal actions needed from time to time are best handled by the trade, but consumer associations make a substantial difference by ensuring that our voice is heard. Government and the media need to know we are there or they will ignore us.

    Join your national association. It is probably free, you can donate if you wish to.

    The US association: Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association.
    CASAA was the first consumer group, and is the largest. They have many excellent resources, and organize locally to fight bans and address other issues.

    The UK association: Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association of the UK.
    ECCA was formed by agreement between the UK forums, and has an active community who use Facebook and Twitter to get their message across. EU news, info articles, and an active forum are featured on their website.
    ECCA needs members in order to contest a legal assault and outright ban funded by the pharmaceutical industry that is threatened for 2013.

    Stelda NL
    The Nederland (Holland) association: Stichting Elektrisch Dampen Nederland.
    Stelda was the first consumer association formed in Europe, created by agreement between the communities of the main Dutch forums.

    Australian Tobacco Alternatives Consumer Association
    ATACA is made up of everyday Australians who are concerned for the health of Australian smokers and want the issue tackled intelligently with Harm Reduction options and smoking alternatives, not blanket bans and junk science.

    Your Country
    If there is no national consumer association in your country, then start one. It could be the only thing that stops government doing whatever they like in your area - and if the public doesn't speak up, they will listen to the corporations. Your choice.

    Ask the Admin of your local forum to start a Consumer Association forum, to discuss setting one up. The existing associations can give you all the advice you need.

    If you don't have a voice, expect to have your rights taken away for the benefit of whoever pays best - it's that simple.
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