Newly Launched: Zero Max 5000 Zero Nicotine Disposable Kit


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May 25, 2015
Zero max 5000 is a rising star in the vaping market. It will be on sale soon, please pay attention to it.

With its stunning blue, pink, and purple shell, this disposable vape is a true fashion statement. The shell design, inspired by the concave and convex surface of the planet, is unexpectedly similar to the design concept of "Lost Mary OS5000".


In fact, it has a "special identity" - disposable nicotine free vape. With 13ml of pre-filled vape juice, it offers a smooth and satisfying experience, completely nicotine-free. Under normal circumstances, the wonderful experience of about 5000 puffs is enough for you to use for at least a week.

Equipped with a rechargeable internal battery and an intuitive LED indicator, zero max 5000 keeps you powered up and informed. The mesh coil technology ensures optimal flavor and vapor production, while the draw-activated design simplifies its usage.

Find a vape store free delivery, place your order online, and wait with me for the first zero max 5000 vape in stock.

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