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Original VOOPOO Alpha One Mod

Discussion in 'APV and Mods Discussion' started by monarhh, Feb 25, 2018.

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  1. monarhh

    monarhh Multiple ID Suspension

    Feb 25, 2018
    Buy here...

    I have bought this item on Delivery time for the Original VOOPOO Alpha One Mod that I purchase at **************************************** takes 15 days with the free shipping method to recieve the item in Canada, ON.


    Box Mod comes in the nice box:

    One side shows the color of your product:


    Boxmod is made of zinc alloy. Silver version has no painting, therefore after the two weeks of aggressive usage no cosmetic changes.

    In the hand Alpha One lies perfectly. Of course, after the Wismec Predator, you need somewhere about 30 minutes to adapt, but the quality of the materials, time responding and classic design are definitely worth it.

    Buttons are pressed much louder than in other modes (compared to istick pico 75w and Wismec Predator 228w). But who cares this?

    The battery cover is holding on four N52 magnets. Works perfectly! In general, it inspires a relationship of reliability and confidence in the fact that problems with the contact group and balancer (like Wismec Predator 228w) will not happen in the future.

    I tested the mod on the Original IJOY RDTA 5. Two coils of 316L stainless steel with a resistance of 0.1145ohms were installed. VOOPOO Alpha One Mod showed 0.11 and offered 80w.

    Gene Chip

    In order to get the same feeling on the same RDTA with the same coils, the Wismec Predator 228 should run at 95w, and the VOOPOO Alpha One needs only 80w.

    Reaction speed is 25 milliseconds.

    In order to match the VOOPOO Alpha One speed, a typical Chinese mod for $30 should work with a 15% preheat for 0.5 seconds and at a starting power of about 12% higher. Under such conditions, an ordinary user wouldn`t feel any difference. But in this case, autonomy falls somewhere by 30+%. So, taking into the consideration the insignificant difference in price, it's worth to choose VOOPOO Alpha One with GENE chip.

    There will be a comparison of GENE chip and DNA250 soon.


    Charging speed through the complect USB cable reaches 1.91A. The average value remains at 1.77A. Balancer works perfectly; the difference in voltage does not go more than 0.01V. This will be important if you forgot a spare battery pack at home. But it is better to use an external charger. Batteries replacement does not create problems.


    VOOPOO Alpha One operates at a power of up to 159W in the line mode and from 160W to 222W in pulse mode (LOVE mode). 97% of users won`t notice the difference between impulse and linear operations, but batteries last longer. Adjustment in 1W step is much more comfortable than 0.1W step.

    1. sharp edges;
    2. weight.
    1. GENE chip;
    2. 222W from two 18650;
    3. Retro design;
    4. Build quality;
    5. Atoms up to 25 mm.
    In general, VOOPOO Alpha One strongly recommended to buy. The difference in price is not essential and now you know for which bonuses you are a little overpaid.

    Thank you, I will buy more!

    Buy here...
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