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Pizza Dave Delivers - A Pod System Review - The Atopak Magic by Joytech

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by pizzadave80, Jan 20, 2019.

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  1. pizzadave80

    pizzadave80 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 23, 2016
    Hello everyone, Pizza Dave here, delivering you a review of the ATOPACK Magic pod system by Joyetech. If you were to glance at this device, you would assume that it is a typical, everyday pod system, that is a little on the large side. Once you dig in deeper, however, you will find a pod system that has a massive 7ml capacity, has a built-in 1300mah batter, and utilizes their NC film technology, as seen in the Cubis Max atomizer which was released a few months ago. This is a flat heating element, which is also re-wickable. It is definitely interesting, so let’s dive down and see what I think of this device!

    DISCLAIMER: This device and liquid was sent to me by Joyetech for review.



    • 1 1300MAH Atopak Magic Mod
    • 1 7ml pod
    • 1 USB Cable
    • 1 Tweezers
    • 1 (50-pack) cotton squares

    Available in Black, Phantom Blue, and Silver.






    Overall, this device is very straight forward. The device is turned on and off with the standard 5 clicks of the fire button. It also has a 7 color LED, which can be changed by pressing the fire button 3 times. Once the LED flashes, press the fire button and cycle through red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, white, purple, or off. When charging, the LED will be illuminated and will shut off when fully charged. This LED also indicates battery life to some extent. The battery indication comes up after you are done firing the device. They will flash the following for battery indication.

    Solid LED – 60-100%

    Medium Flashes – 30-59%

    Faster Flashes – 10-29%

    Rapid flashes (and won’t fire)- <10%

    The manual doesn’t talk about these flashes properly. It says it will flash slow when all is good, and flash fast when it is time to charge, however it does operate like I stated above. The LEDs are also designed to illuminate the pod section, but the pod is too dark, and it doesn’t help at all. It would be nice to have utilized this to aid in viewing liquid level, but it just doesn’t work here.



    The pod on this one is a bit extreme. It holds 7ml of e-liquid and has a nifty little label on it for you to write down what is in the pod. I found this useful, as often times, I go back and forth with what pod systems I am testing. This holds so much liquid, that when I go back and forth, I am never filling it. Not a bad extra to have there. Filling this pod system is not too bad. It has a hinging cover on the bottom of the pod, which exposes a small hole for refills. It worked will with the smaller plastic tipped bottles I used, but it may be on the small side for dropper bottles. Another thing you’ll notice under the hinged cover is a rubber, square hinged rubber piece in the middle. This is where the cotton squares are. It is relatively easy to replace the cotton when the time comes. Grab the included tweezers, flip open that plug, remove the old cotton, and insert a new square. I think it is a nice touch to add this option because the NC film has been proven to last quite a while. I even swapped flavors and burned off some excess in between. I removed the plug and old cotton and rinsed it out in my ultrasonic cleaner. Once it was dry (sitting out a day) I dry burned the nc film with a couple of pulses. The “coil” wasn’t super gunked up, as I only ran one tank through, but it has some residue on it. Once it was cool, I popped in a new square, dabbed some liquid on it, and filled up the pod. I don’t really recommend dry burning as it could really mess up the plastic in this area if you aren’t careful, but it is an option for those who have rebuilding experience. I can see these pods lasting a long time with this type of coil, so I give them a pro on that. However, none of these innovations matter if it doesn’t vape well, so let’s hit that next.









    Ok, so the pod is filled and saturated, fully charged, ready to vape. Let’s go. What I found right away was this pod system performs in the middle road of all the ones I tested last year. The flavor isn’t something that blew me away, and the draw is more open than most pods out there. Since the air flow comes in the one side of the pod and goes over than NC film “coil” it has an odd one-sided air flow. It might bug some people when you hear the air flow going in on one side and not both. It didn’t bother me, but I still must point that out. I tested a couple of liquids in this pod system. The first was a 50/50 mix, and it gurgled and flooded with the stock cotton. I rewicked it myself and for the most part that went away, but there were times when I would get gurgling and would get a nice squirt of liquid in my mouth. This isn’t fun at all when using higher nic liquids. I really noticed it when it sat for a day or two, but when I used it more frequently, I didn’t experience nearly as often. The second liquid was a 65/35 ratio and that gurgling, and spitting was reduced a lot more, but I still had it flood a bit when it sat for a while. The liquids were 25 and 30mg salt nic, and it felt just right in this pod system for me. Like I mentioned above, I was able to perform a light dry burn in between flavor changes and it ensured I didn’t have any odd flavor combo happening when going from one flavor to the next. That is a nice option, especially when the pods last a long time. At 7ml of capacity, it feels like an eternity before the next refill. I used it sparingly my first week and didn’t have to refill for a week. By the time I was done using this, I ran 1 pod of the first flavor, and 2 pods of the second. The wick and NC film were hardly darkened after 14mls of liquid, so this looks like something that would last a long, long time. The device itself is a bit on the large side, but with that size comes a 1300mah battery. This provided battery life all the way through almost a whole pod. I assume it was somewhere around 1-2ml left in the pod when I got the first rapid flash, low battery indication. This will easily get someone through a day of work, even if they vape heavily all day. I would venture to say 2, maybe 3 days of work depending on how often you are vaping.



    In short, I like what Joyetech has done with innovation here. It seems like a good step forward in getting longer life from pods. Often times, pod system purchases can get rather expensive for people using it as their sole vaping device, and this would be a great option for those who are on a budget. The vape I get from this is decent for a pod system, but it lacks compared to some of my top pods of last year. Another thing to keep in mind is that the draw is a bit airier, so those who like a tighter MTL draw may find this too open for them. Measuring in at 38mm x 101mm, it is definitely not a compact, stealthy pod system like many others on the market. I still found it very pocket friendly, but it is a weighty, large system, which more closely reminds me of an Aspire Breeze or something like that. The biggest con I can find is with the spitting and gurgling. If you don’t wick it right, or are using thinner liquids, there is a good chance that you will experience this. With all that being said, there are some good pros with this device. The pods have great capacity, the battery lasts a long time, and the re-wickable aspect keeps cost down overall. If the pros I mentioned outweigh the few cons, then I think this makes for a good purchase.



    If this one accidentally went into the pizza oven, would I go out and buy another? No. It just isn’t one of my favorite pods that has come out. I also have a hard time saying yes to ANY pods, because there is a new one every week and they keep getting better.



    • Liquid Capacity
    • Battery Life
    • Feels solid
    • Re-wickable



    • Large size
    • Flavor is middle of the road
    • Airy draw
    • Some gurgling and spitting at times (worse with 50/50 liquid)

    Thank you all for reading this review and thank you to Joyetech for sending it my way for review. I am seeing this online for around $35. For those of you in the UK, there is also a 2ml version to accommodate the TPD regulations.



    Pizza Dave – Delivering real reviews, with no extra toppings



    REVIEW CRITERIA: I use each item for about two weeks to ensure I have collected enough data to adequately write a review. I use the same e liquid in tanks or rdas throughout all my reviews to ensure that I am comparing apples to apples between all modern equipment. I do not post reviews until I feel confident that I have used it enough to give an educated review. The reason I started doing reviews was due to poor purchasing decisions in my vaping infancy about two years ago. Back then, I purchased several different pieces of hardware without really enjoying it and I hope my reviews can guide people into spending their hard-earned money more wisely than I did! ****Keep in mind that some items I receive may be pre-release and not in retail packaging. Quality may be less than the finished product and what is in the package may differ from the retail package as well.

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  2. TheOneVape_Review

    TheOneVape_Review Full Member

    Jan 21, 2019
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