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Jun 4, 2020


-the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty.

Being called a secondary, an option or alternative device is not a big deal as long as it will serve its purpose. Let’s admit, some people who just started the big switch from smoking cigars to vaping are looking for the proper device which doesn’t need much experience and at the same time satisfy their transition, most vape beginners tend to switch back to traditional smoking if they felt vaping is unpleasable and needs to exert efforts.

One of the most important features of a pod system is usage convenience. No disrespect to vape DIYers and experienced vapers who build their own vape essentials, we applaud your hard work, and time you bestowed on doing this craft. Pod systems are made specifically to inexperienced users wherein not much effort is required, close to just like lighting a cigar.

We also like to take this opportunity to appeal to experienced and knowledgeable users not to discriminate against those who are fond of using pod system devices. We still believe that there is camaraderie in vape communities, helping one another and respecting choices and decisions, for true vapers has one major united objective; To have a healthy transition.


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We are also aware of the amount of waste produced by pod system devices (this is one of the biggest cons thrown at us), and we are continuously thinking of solutions to reduce the environmental footprints. Waste management is really an important issue and it is a shared responsibility between us, the other brands and you, the end-users.

Your thoughts are important, feel free to comment. Thank you.

Have a nice day!

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Jun 8, 2021
I am not much of a DIYer as I am not quite knowledgeable in building my own coils. Cleaning my coils and rewicking is about the only thing I can handle as of the moment but maybe with a little bit of practice then I can do my own coils eventually. Pod systems had been a great help for me when I started transitioning because of the ease of use. I am not a fan of the disposable pod systems especially the waste they produce but I really do appreciate the open pod systems because of their convenience and I believe some brands are on the right track by helping to reduce the waste by improving on the design of their pods like the Miso Pro for example which now uses replaceable coils instead of the whole pod cartridge.
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