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Premade Juice Blending

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Apr 14, 2014
London, UK
    You'd pretty much need to double the quantity by adding VG to alter the ratio by that much. You'll halve your nicotine content which you could get around by buying a stronger eliquid, but you'll also halve your flavour.

    I take it you have asked whether they could do you a mix to your preference? You could try asking which brand of flavouring they use and try mixing your own eliquids.


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    Mar 16, 2014
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      As an exemple; If it is a 10ml bottle, and it now has 4ml /6ml of pg/vg. You want this 4ml PG = 20% so 80% VG = 80/20 * 4ml = 16ml VG .

      You have 6ml vg in your present 10ml bottle. You would have to add 10ml of vg thus making it 4ml/16ml of pg/vg . This is a ratio of 20/80. But you then doubled the volume of the un-flavored base to the same flavor content, ( keep in mind that pg/vg may not react the same to flavors).

      Obviously it is not the way to go to maintain the same flavor or nic levels

      You may be a candidate for DIY .
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