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Questions about the Vapor King

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by pelachile, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. I bought the a Vapor King. Is this just a 501 rebranded?

    Also, mine has four holes which I think allows to much air in and makes the drag a little harsh, kind of like smoking a broken cigarette. Is this from the holes or is that normal? I have been using 18mg and 24mg cartomizers and they both behave the same way.

    Unfortunately, I got suckered by one of the e-cig tv commercials from Smoke Assist. It is a three piece set up. I have since stopped the automatic shipping. What I was wondering if there is a cart that would fit on their battery? I really liked everything about it, except the 0 nicotine and the crappy flavor. The drag was nice and smooth, (TH was minimal) and the vapor production was really good. I like the size and the battery life as well.

    I am thinking about getting some juice and trying to reuse one of the cartridges that came with it. Is this advisable?
  2. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Oct 31, 2010
    Which Vapor King??? There is the "Vapor King" which is the most popular cartomizer model, KR808D-1 (a 2-piece e-cig) and there is the shop "Vapor Kings" which calls one of it's kits "Vapor King" and that sort of looks like a 510 to me.

    If you mean the the 2-piece then you can put a 901 atty and 901 carts on it with no adapter. Or you can get an 808 battery to 510 atty adapter and use a 510 atty and 510 carts.

    And if the cartos you have for Vapor4Life Vapor King are harsh and hot, you probably have what they call WOW carts (that is what they call the blanks, and those are a slightly lower resistance electrically - high 3's like 2.7ohms or something). They also have Coolcarts which are cooler on the lips and have a it tighter drag (and are something like 3.2 ohms?). it can be hard to tell which prefills are in which carts. I think WOW 555 is actually in a Coolcart - not sure which other WOW flavors are in WOW carts and whihc in Coolcarts. I've also heard good things about the blank "Premium" KR808D-1 cartomizers at
  3. I have the Vapor4Life "Vapor King" which I am guessing now is a KR808D-1?

    A little confused on the rest of your answer.
    I was wondering if there is any carts I can put on the Smoke Assist battery? It is the length and diameter of a regular cigarette. The system is a three piece with an atomizer that screws on to the battery. The carts come with a foil lid on the inside that the atomizer punches through when you slide it on.

    What I was thinking about doing was getting some juice and refilling these used carts, but I am not sure if that would work or not, or if there was some pre-filled carts on the market that I could buy. I was also wondering if there is an atomizers on the market that I could purchase to fit the Smoke Assist battery as well? Or if anybody knows what the nomenclature of the Smoke Assist battery is that woud be a big help.

    Thanks for you reply, I appreciate any help I can get.
  4. I believe the battery I am using is call the M-401. I saw it over at Royal Does this sound correct to anybody?
  5. Numevexo

    Numevexo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sorry I can't help you on identifying the true nomenclature of the Smoke Assist. Someone on the forum will know.
    If you've stopped the shipping of the item, great. It's a rip-off. Stick with the Vapor King(KR808D-1).
    The kr808(Vapor King from V4L) is a good device to start with.
    As far as the harshness, maybe try a lower nicotine level. I vape a KR808 and started at 24mg & 18mg. Now, I cut the e-juice with a little VG to lower the nic level to around 15mg. Good and smooth with just the right TH. Also, different juices have different TH's, Menthol is known for a strong TH. Maybe a fruity flavor would be better for you.
    Check back to this post. Someone will probably identify the Smoke Assist unit.
    Best regards
  6. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Oct 31, 2010
    I don't know what model Smoke Assist is. Try asking at - they carry supplies for a number of rebrands but I have never heard of Smoke Assist. It could possibly be a "Trio", a popular rebrander super-mini model (i.e. Blu, Luci, Gamucci and more). Some info on trio at the bottom here
    A Brief Cartridge and Atomizer Compatiblity Guide | Excellent Electric Cigarette Information!

    Typical money-grabbing rebrander tricks - making carts harder for the user to refill and not selling blanks. You should be able to push up the juice cup on those SmokeAssist carts and refill them with ejuice. Unbend a small smooth paper clip and try pushing it into the mouth hole of the Smoke assist's cart (with the cart off and held separately). You should be able to push up a smaller juice-holding piece that should have a bit of stuffing in it. Add some juice (not too much), make sure the stuffing is near the top of the little juice cup, then try to push the little cup back in by its edge - don't press on the stuffing or it will go too deep in the cup for the atty to reach it.

    M401 carts are similar but I don't think they will work on your atty. Rebranders usually use a different design inside to accommodate a long pointy atty which pierces the foil. However, the silicone plug of an M401 cart might work for pushing your juice cup back in (that's what I use with my M401's carts)

    And if the stuffing gets crappy in your Smoke Assist carts, try cutting a bit of blue foam to replace the stuffing. See Youtube video - search for m401 blue foam
    And you can get small pieces precut for 510 at (75 cents for 10) - cheapest way to get some blue foam - I cut those down for my M401 carts and once you get it right it lasts a long time. And BTW - I was not thrilled with their juices but easiest way to get a small amount of the blue foam cheap.

    If you think your Smoke Assist IS M401, maybe it is but I bet your atty isn't regular M401. M401 atty hes a fat rounded mesh bridge (not the kind of thing you would poke a hole in foil with).
  7. Hey, thanks for the advice and the info. I believe you are right about my atty, it is pointed not round. However, maybe I could get a different atty for it?

    I haven't ordered any juice yet. I'm not that advanced. Plus, I'm lazy.

    I ordered some pre-filled carts from Vapor4Life, the 555, the Coffee Sampler, and the Tobacco sampler for my KR808D-1. I can sort of taste the flavors (of course I haven't quiting smoking analogs yet) but I notice they all have a sort of chemical taste to them. I read that might be because of something called Dekang? Or it has to do with Chinese juice, is this true? And how do I know what company to buy pre-filleds from that don't have this kind of juice?
  8. bluesuede

    bluesuede Super Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 28, 2009
    Central PA, USA
    V4L probably has the best tasting cartomizers, IMHO. Their cartos are made in China like most are but the jucie is according to their own specifications and recipes. High quality stuff. Dekang is mostly describing generic Chinese juice. I use V4L Cowboy juice almost exclusivley on my Riva and Leo. Have tried oh so many others and they don't quite messure up (to me). I still vape a VaporKing now and then but prefer the bigger punch I get from my Riva. I also don't like charging bats every few hours as I'm a moderately heavy vaper. Good luck to you! :)

  9. What is the Cowboy juice? Does that come in the cartomizers?
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