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** READ FIRST! - How this forum works

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by Misty, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. Misty

    Misty Forum Admin
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    Nov 16, 2008
    This forum is designed to allow members to post a negative Customer Service experience, defective product,shipping or other relevant issues with a supplier so that other members of ECF can benefit from your experience.

    A review is a statement of an event or series of events, plus your opinion

    This forum also serves as a place where the supplier if registered as an ECF supplier, may respond to your review and attempt to make it right without interference from parties not involved in the dispute.

    This forum provides a place where fair criticism or unresolved issues can be published and responded to (or just publicized).


    1. This forum is NOT a place to carry out a vendetta, launch a crusade, or otherwise maliciously attack any supplier, regardless of their status on ECF.

    2. This forum is not a place to review the performance of the hardware or refill liquid you have purchased.
    Hardware reviews can be posted here: Electronic Cigarette Reviews - E-Cigarette Forum
    E-liquid reviews can be posted here: E-Liquid Reviews - E-Cigarette Forum

    3. Reviews and complaints revolving around rebuildable atomizers, wicks, coils, and tanks using them will not be entertained at all in this forum.
    Please see this sticky: Warning - Rebuildable atomizer wicks and coils


    To create your review, simply click on the, "+ Post New Thread" button

    A standardized form appears and you will be prompted to fill out all required information before you are able to submit your review. If you fail to complete the form in it's entirety, then your thread may be subject to deletion.

    Please note that this form can also be accessed directly by using this link and once submitted, it will appear as a new thread in the forum.

    It is a known issue that some mobile devices will be able to post without using the form, however if you post without using the form and do not include all of the required information that is specified in the form your review is subject to deletion. Please see sample : click here to see an example.


    • Any member with >5 posts may start a review thread . They may also reply to any thread that they started.
    • A wait of 7 business days is required before posting an incident or a product in the negative reviews. This allows the supplier a 7 day period for the problem to be addressed and resolved before a member can post a critical review. (see reference link section below)
    • The supplier that the review is about may respond to that thread.
    • Non-supplier members will not be able to respond to threads that they did not start.
    • Any negative review by a member must be about a recent customer service issue that they have personally experienced with the supplier in question.
    • All reviews must state the name of the supplier that the review is about in the thread title.
    • As per ECF Forum rules communications are considered private. Posting the content of PMs or personal emails on the forum is not allowed. All PMs and emails are deemed to be confidential and cannot be made public except with the prior written consent of the author.
    • Any reviews or complaints that are not compliant with the rules of this forum will be deleted.
    • At staff discretion, we will prepend the thread titles to show their status. This allows members to know at a glance if this review/complaint has been resolved. Unfounded and malicious complaints may be marked as such or deleted.

    Additional links for further reference on rules/conditions :

    1. 7-Day (business days) Rule
    a) If your complaint is less than 7 business days old it has no place here. Before you can post a review about a negative experience, you actually have to have one. The 7 day rule allows the supplier a fair chance to respond to your complaint. Reviews that do not have a date may be set to non visible as stated in the sticky.

    b) Please remember that postal services close during the holidays. This effectively shuts down suppliers because even though they can process your order, they can not ship it. Please wait ten (10 days ) during these postal shutdowns before posting a review.


    • An ECF Supplier can respond to a complaint initiated by a member but cannot initiate a discussion. This board is specifically for customer negative reviews that Suppliers can respond to, since they cannot do so elsewhere. It is not for Suppliers to initiate advertising, the Suppliers Forum is for that purpose.
    • Suppliers are limited to only posting in threads that are about their company, or their company's products. Posting replies in threads about other Suppliers is not allowed. Suppliers who break this rule to speak negatively about another Supplier may face disciplinary action against their ECF account.

    Just as it is within the rights of each ECF member to report Suppliers to us who repeatedly display bad business practices, it is also within the rights of Suppliers to report members who they believe are unfairly targeting their business. ECF takes these matters seriously. All complaints of this nature should be reported to:


    ECF strives to be open and fair, it is in the best interest of the community that malicious reviews that are started out of anger or with an agenda are plainly marked or if warranted, deleted. It is also in the interest of the community that resolved complaints be noted as well as complaints that have not been resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant.

    What we don't want in this forum is unrealistic or unfair complaints that most other people would consider unjustified.

    It needs to be recognized that there are both vendors making mistakes, and fraudulent (or extremely unrealistic) customers. Somehow we have to sort one from the other. Help us to get the best information out there.
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