Review: Ohm Brew Bar Disposable Vape


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Dec 4, 2020
    Ohm Brew Bar Disposable is an ultra-portable unit that comes pre-filled and pre-charged, so you can use it anywhere and safely throw it away when you're done.
    Featuring 2ml e-liquid and a 450mAh built-in battery for stable battery life.

    Of course, we also provide you with cheap disposable vapes with two different nicotine content, in order to meet the needs of different users for vaping taste. 9mg and 18mg respectively. If you are purely pursuing the taste of nicotine that does not want to be too heavy and too choking, then 9mg is definitely your best choice. If you want a strong throat feeling, then 18mg must not be missed.

    Provides you with up to 600 puffs to enjoy while meeting the TPD standard. Offers you 6 different flavours in terms of taste, combining single, mixed fruit, mint, sugar, and slush.

    Blue Slush is a combination of blueberry and raspberry, a classic taste that is sweet but refreshing.

    Watermelon Sugar is a mouthwatering candy flavour blended with luscious watermelon flavours for the most delicious juice.

    Passionfruit Mango can bring you a sweet feeling. The light passion fruit and sweet mango make people feel very happy.

    If you think the flavours suit your preferences, don't miss out on this sophisticated and compact disposable vape.

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