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SmokJoy Kaiser RTA

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Tim Wiseman, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. Tim Wiseman

    Tim Wiseman Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2017
    Bolton, England
    SmokJoy Kaiser RTA
    Hi ECF members, In this review i take a look at the SmokJoy Kaiser RTA. A big thank you to James from the Healthcabin who supplied the Kaiser free of charge for the purpose of this review.

    In the Box



    1pc KAISER RTA
    1pc Extra Pyrex Glass
    1pc User Manuel
    1pc Bag of Spares which consists of
    4 screws
    Allen Key
    2 Pre-wound Coils
    4 Screws
    Spare o-rings



    The Kaiser is a looker with electroplated coloured glass making it very pleasing to the eye. The glass as an emblem on one side, (looks like a scorpion to me but happy to be corrected) and a small round circle with the word Kaiser on the other. Both the emblem and circle are created by the absence of electroplating allowing to see the interior of the tank. The top-cap has slots cut into it which also adds to the nice aesthetics of the tank. The wide bore Ultem drip tip finishes it off nicely. The Kaiser is nicely designed and both looks and feels well built. The Rainbow colour which i recieved looks stunning.



    Stainless steel construction
    510 threading connection
    Diameter: 24mm
    Height: 48mm
    Capacity: 3ml
    Convenient top fill design
    Floating build deck for easy building
    Dual post stair style posts
    Top mounted screws
    Unique Bottom adjustable airflow
    Available in Colours Black, Silver, Blue and Rainbow.


    Assembling and disassembling

    Most tanks come to bits easy enough, but they do tend to need a wiggle here and a bit of encouragement there. None of that with the Kaiser it unscrews easily and the glass just pops off. Putting the tank back together can be done with the same ease.


    The Build deck and Unique Airflow

    I love the stair style posts on the floating deck it seems to give you much more space to do your build. The large post holes allow for quite chunky builds and there is a large juice well. The floating deck is raised particularly high revealing 2 sets of 2 pipes feeding air from the cyclops style airflow to each of the coils. I guess the thinking behind it is the pipes act like jets intensifying the airflow. Whether it makes a difference or not it's always good to see manufacturers trying new ideas. I have seen on a couple of websites stating it also has top airflow. There are deep slots that are cut out of the top-cap but they don't go all the way through they just seem to help with the aesthetics. As much as i look i can't see small slits in these cut-out sections taking air anywhere. I stand corrected if anybody can tell me different but looking at the whole top-cap section there doesn't seem to be anything going on.


    Using and Performance

    The Kaiser as a standard top-fill system where you just screw off the top cap revealing 2 generous fill slots. I really liked using the Kaiser and the flavour was very good which was no surprise as the overall standard of tanks being released now is very high and the Kaiser doesn't disappoint. It generates good cloud so you get a nice balance of flavour and cloud. The airflow, PEI insulator and Ultem drip-tip all seem to do their jobs and the vape is smooth and cool. I personally used a 0.3ish and a 0.5ish build (don't think i'll be getting rid of the ish any time soon) and settled for 55W and 40W.


    The only issue while using the Kaiser is you need to see your juice level by looking through the clear emblem on the side of the tank and although i didn't see it has an issue as you can clearly see the level this way there will be those that do and could course a problem if you have poor eyesight. If you want to see your juice level with a quick glance it's an issue, if you don't mind looking a bit closer it's not.

    I think the spare glass should have the electroplating reversed so the emblem is coloured and the rest of the glass clear, that way people would have the choice. I personally would still choose the coloured glass, but i do have good eyesight.



    The Kaiser is an aesthetically pleasing well built RTA which gives equally good flavour and cloud. The floating stair style posts are easy to build on and allow for using thick wire.


    Easy to build
    Stair style floating deck
    large post holes
    Unique airflow
    Good flavour
    Good Cloud
    Electroplated coloured glass
    Assembly and disassembly of tank is a breeze


    Could have problems seeing the juice level if you don't have good eyesight.


    I would like to thank James and the Healthcabin once again for supplying the SmokJoy Kaiser and it is available here:
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