Solub Sakura


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Sep 19, 2022
    When I read the description given by the manufacturer, " Japanese cherry blossom" I wondered why a blossom. Maybe it's just a fancy name, natural cherry wouldn't sound so good. 8-10% is the factory blend, I chose the upper limit as natural cherry is not a strong flavour. As it turned out later, this was not a bad idea. The cherry is noticeable in the scent, so it could be "Japanese Cherry Blossom" . The flavours are not very strong, even with the 10% blend. Sweet cherry, which I think is what the flavour makers got right. It's a kind of everyday use, I just call it "work aroma". Not too sweet and just as cherryy as it should be. For me, after a day or two it seemed a bit boring, but my partner really likes it. For the money, it will certainly work for cherry lovers, but I expected a bit more from the nice sounding name "Japanese Cherry Blossom".

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