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*~SOUR~* Pink Candy (LEGIT)

Discussion in 'E-Liquid Recipes' started by WistfulChipmunk, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. WistfulChipmunk

    WistfulChipmunk Senior Member

    Jul 25, 2017
    It's been a while since I posted anything guys, but I have finally managed to assemble some kind of awesome sour candy vape after much trial and error over the last few months.

    This is sour. It's truly and seriously actually sour like makes my mouth water up. Something is going on here I don't know which flavor or combo is doing it but this juice carries the sour note and it actually hits my palette.

    I can't stop vaping this. I'm done. This is all I needed to figure out. I'm sharing it because it's not only really good, but I want to see if other people get the same mouth-watering sweet tangy sour I do and maybe, improve it??!

    Also. My scale is garbage..

    I measured the flavor out by drop and tried to capture what the weight readings said.

    Then I weighed the bottle filled with flavoring against an empty bottle to get the total weight of flavoring so I could have a decent approximation of the percentages.

    Follow the drops for accuracy.

    10ml Total Volume @ 3mg Nic (70 VG / 30 PG)

    Approximate Percentages:
    1.00 - Dragonfruit (TPA)
    11.00 - Pink Candy Burst Type (VG) (Real Flavors)
    0.25 - Sour Wizard (FA)
    1.00 - Super Sweet (CAP)
    0.50 - Swedish Gummy (TPA)
    3.50 - Sweet Strawberry (CAP)

    Actual Drops Used (and weights as indicated by my crappy scale)
    53 drops - Pink Candy Burst Type (VG) (Real Flavors) (.82)
    3 drops - Swedish Gummy (TPA) (0)
    3 drops - Super Sweet (CAP) (.11)
    15 drops - Sweet Strawberry (CAP) (.27)
    5 drops - Dragonfruit (TPA)(.11)
    1.5 drops - Sour Wizard (FA)
    = 1.73g total flavor

    Flavor Notes And Things

    Pink Candy Burst Type
    - is PERFECT. It's not strong so it takes a lot but you do not want to skimp it. It's a solid base so squeeze it right in there.

    All of the below flavors I used to support the Pink Burst.

    TFA Swedish Gummy - Adds just a touch of something to the exhale
    TFA Dragon Fruit - Blends everything together as it is wont to do
    CAP Sweet Strawberry - Gives the strawberry taste a little help so it's more full
    FA Sour Wizard - Secret Weapon?!?
    CAP Super Sweet - You need a sweetener I am sorry gais, it will not work without it.
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