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Suggestion/Request for new sub-forum to DIY thread

Discussion in 'Site Feedback and Help' started by IDJoel, Oct 21, 2016.

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  1. IDJoel

    IDJoel Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 20, 2015
    Boise, ID
    I have been DIYing for a bit more than a year now. Most of what I have learned has been from the kindness of the good folks here on ECF.

    During that time my interests have transitioned from equipment, to coils, to DIY.

    Since August 8, 2016 I have seen an increase in repetitive posts from those that are new to DIY mixing. I see no fault with those asking (with maybe a small rankling of their not knowing/unwillingness to search for previously posted questions and answers; but I attribute that to my own intolerance). However, almost all of the questions asked have been previously, and thoroughly, answered.

    What I am asking here is: can we have a sub-forum added to the DIY E-Liquid forum that would be titled along the lines of: "New to DIY? Start Here"

    My thoughts are that this would give the individual that is just starting/wanting to learn what DIY is all about, a place to find previously (thoroughly/repetitively) answered questions.

    As of now, the questions are merged into the general DIY discussions, and therefore lost/buried among all the other discussions, and thus doomed to be repeated over and OVER.

    I see two potential benefits: (1) It would provide a localized source, that is readily identifiable, for all those seeking basic DIY ideas, and (2) It would help to keep this information from being buried underneath more recent/current posts covered under the the same larger (DIY) umbrella.

    I understand that it is not feasible to recall previous threads that might be beneficial to my suggested sub-forum. But I only desire to start fresh. Let's answer yet again; but knowing that these "newb" questions/answers are better gathered into a more concise/friendly environment. It will also be a more clear demarcation for those "veteran" mixers that are exhausted with the introductory conversations.

    To me, this would give the "newbs" a more direct/clear place to start, and the veterans a place to refer, or steer clear of(if they wish to avoid).
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