Totally Wicked's Decadent Vapour MADE IN CHINA

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I have ordered two bottles (the 10ml) of Decadent Vapours from Totally Wicked, strawberry tart and menthol.

Although the website states they are MADE IN THE UK, both of these bottles clearly stated MADE IN CHINA.

I have ordered the 30ml bottles previously and they were labeled made in UK, but has DV has sold out and outsourced?

TW's response on their site decadent vapour liquid bottle made in china?

It's a "misprint"? What do you guys think?
Blimey Skeeter, I'm surprised you haven't been banned from the TW forum for that thread:shock:

Usually, anyone questioning anything about products sold by TW at the minimum gets there posts/thread deleted or they are banned :(

I didn't post the question on their site, someone else did. And yes i heard they are Nazi-like in their censorship there. That's why I brought the question here. Honestly, I don't believe its a labeling error.
If so, they need some help with QA/QC!


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Jun 14, 2011
    Yep I got Banned by the very obnoxious owner of TW 2 days ago for questioning their shoddy products,they really are poor quality,I was looking at my SD11 batterys earlier today only 4 weeks old and the plastic coating is splitting exposing metal and potential for a short circuit !!!
    And yes anyone who posts anything negative is accused of being a liar or a competitor and Banned,happens all the time !!
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