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UWOO Y1 heat-not-burn device Features; how to use UWOO Y1?

Discussion in 'Uwoo' started by UWOOTech_Jason, Sep 29, 2019.

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  1. UWOOTech_Jason

    UWOOTech_Jason Unregistered Supplier

    Sep 4, 2019
    Shenzhen China
    How To Turn ON/Off?

    Press and hold control button until device vibrates and LED indicator lights start flashing.

    Temperature Adjustment:
    Click the control button 4 times in rapid succession, then click again to choose your temperature preference.

    Heating Time?
    16 seconds.

    Indication that the Heating Process has Started?
    Vibration and LED lights will begin turning on, one by one.

    Indication that Device is Ready to Use?

    Length of Cycle?
    5 minutes.

    Indication that Device is Powering Off?
    Vibration 30 seconds before shutoff, then two vibrations to indicate shutoff.

    How to Shut Off Device?
    Press and hold control button until device vibrates and LED lights turn off.

    Number of Cycles (full charge)?
    Officially 40, but our test users got 44.

    How to Check Battery Status?
    Click control button once.

    Indicate when Device Needs Cleaning?

    How Often Should You Clean the Device?
    We recommend self-cleaning every day, and manual cleaning at least once per week.

    Self-Cleaning Function?
    Yes – click the control button 7 times in rapid succession.

    How to Manually Clean Device?
    See ‘UWOO Y1 Manual’ button below.

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