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Vape Blog | What should be known for vaping? Beginner Users' Guide

Discussion in 'VproCity' started by vape4u, Jun 17, 2019.

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  1. vape4u

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    Sep 23, 2014
    newark, CA, USA
    New E-cig Users' Guide

    What is vaping?

    Vaping means the use of a vaping device (aka e-cigarette)! There are numerous such devices available, but vaping is the term that unites them all.

    How do vaping devices work?

    All vaping products operate using the same fundamentals. A battery powers a coil which heats a liquid solution known as e-liquid. This produces a vapor which is then inhaled.

    However, these fundamentals can be applied in a large number of ways, and many products have been developed to meet the demands vapers have from their vape.

    What device do I need to buy?

    This is a very tricky question, but our advice is that at the minimum, you should purchase a 2nd generation device (eg: eGo, eVod).

    The reason we suggest this is because our belief is that the principal goal for a vaper to use these products is to become completely smoke-free in as short a space as possible. Our research has shown that 2nd generation devices offer the best balance between satisfaction and price, and should be the entry point for any smoker wishing to try vaping.

    Can I vape anywhere?

    The short answer here is no. Sadly, many Cities and Counties have chosen to prohibit vaping in public places, shoehorning vaping into smoke-free legislation.

    Nevertheless, it’s wise not to assume that you can vape anywhere just because it’s not illegal. Premises owners are entitled to prohibit vaping on their property, and many do.

    Is vaping right for me?

    If you're an adult smoker who does not intend to quit right now, then the answer is yes. Vaping is undoubtedly preferable to smoking tobacco, although vapers should be aware that cutting down on tobacco smoking does not reduce the health risks from smoking to an acceptable level. There is no safe level when it comes to smoking.

    Non-smokers should not take up nicotine in any form. The addictiveness of nicotine as provided by vaping devices is as yet not fully understood, but it should be assumed that it does have the potential to cause dependence.

    What are PG or VG liquids?

    PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine, or glycerol) are ingredients in e-liquid which create the vapor. Both are widely used in a variety of products for human consumption. PG is associated with a stronger “throat hit” but with less visible vapor, whereas VG has a sweetish taste and produces a much more visible vapor. Some vapers find PG irritates their throat and lungs and choose to use VG based e-liquids instead. Some e-liquids contain a blend of both ingredients to balance out the characteristics of each.

    What e-liquids should I get?

    Again, there are no one-size fits all answer here, so the best thing you can do is to try out a few e-liquids and see which one suits you. Interestingly, don’t assume that you need an authentic tobacco flavor. There are some good ones out there, but we find that the vast majority of vapers end up choosing a flavor other than tobacco, and this happens very quickly if they try a few different ones to begin with. In terms of PG/VG, you’ll have to try for yourself and decide what you like.

    What strength e-liquid should I buy?

    The heavier a smoker you are, the stronger the e-liquid you should start with. But do remember that nicotine strength isn't the whole story. For example, some vapers vape more than others and choose to use lower strength e-liquid. Stronger liquids cause a more intense “throat hit”, so do bear that in mind when making your first purchase.

    Another issue is that some devices kick out more of the vapor per puff. As a rule of thumb, choose lower nicotine concentration e-liquid for more powerful devices.

    Finally, vapers self-titrate their nicotine intake. In other words, it’s as if there’s a thermostat which nicotine users have. As soon as they have enough, it switches off. So, if you want to vape less, use a stronger e-liquid, if you find you’re getting too much nicotine from the amount you like to vape, move to a less strong liquid.

    Can I save money over smoking?

    Yes, absolutely. Although how much you will save depends on several factors: How much cigarettes or tobacco costs where you live? The amount you spend on devices (this becomes a hobby for many!)

    That said, with a good setup you should be able to save considerable amounts of money, and the more focused on saving money by vaping you are, the more you will save.

    What should I look for when choosing a vaping device?

    There is a huge range of vaping devices available, and they come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing your first device you will be making your choice based on aesthetics and price/performance, and it’s hard to give generic advice on this.

    However, do make sure you consider this: You will always want to have a device charged up and to hand. So, for example, if you’re buying a second-generation device (e.g. an Ego, Evod, , Vision Spinner Battery) you will want to think about having two or three spare batteries you can keep charged up. Also, make sure you have enough of the consumables (e.g. atomizer heads and e-liquid) so you don’t run out. Lastly, you’ll need a way of carrying all of these around – many vapers have a small bag they keep their bits in, so you’ll want to think about this too.

    How can I get the best tobacco-like flavor?

    There are some very good tobacco flavors out there, but none of them are identical to smoking. Remember that vaping is fundamentally not smoking, and much of the flavor and sensation from smoking comes from the very fact that it is smoke which is being inhaled.

    Most vapers find that the absence of smoke is actually a big plus point and that they transition quickly away from wanting a smoke-like flavor. Also, after being smoke-free for a while, the sense of smell becomes far more sensitive, and many vapers find the world of non-tobacco flavored e-liquids to be a real pleasure in and of itself.

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