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Vaping zone _ if something goes wrong_ you"re out your cash.

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by rkg, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. rkg

    rkg Full Member

    Mar 19, 2010
    This is a negative review of Vaping Zone. I am a little sad to post this considering that I have used them before and tended to like their more unique products.

    I ordered a couple of batteries. [​IMG]

    VZ Leo Passthrough USB Battery 1000mAh

    One was broken - would only work intermittently and the other died about a week later. I sent a couple of emails about the internment one. They told me they would get back to me. They never got back to me.

    When the other one died, I returned both. They sent me back two batteries. One that was DOA and they included a very terse note that stated:

    A) these two had no warranty what-so-ever.
    B) Both of the batteries dying were my fault because there was "excessive juice on the contact points."

    I was incredulous and wanted my issue solved.

    1) I paid for something and it should work.

    2) Being Leo's they are supposed to have a sealed battery to prevent this type of failure. This was an issue with the Leo I's and using the Tanks. It was solved with Leo PT II. (Turns out these aren't actually official Boge products but a proprietary product from VZ calling itself Leo).

    3) I was using attys/carts that I had bought from Vaping Zone. These are products that actually go with/are advertised for this battery model. There are no instructions that come with the batteries. There were no posted restrictions. I was using them as I have used my other Leo batteries, entirely without issue.

    4) Even if this were true, that is was user error, it doesn't account for the fact that I had gotten two different batteries that didn't work right to begin with. Their website clearly states at various places "14 day replacement on defective parts or DOA. No Refunds. Physical damage is not covered by the return policy." Which means that, even if they were correct, in saying that excessive juice damaged one of them, they should at least extend the warranty to the DOA and the one that never worked correctly in the first place.

    5) I actually emailed them about getting instructions, regarding the battery that only worked intermittently and they never got back to me on that.

    SO I called them. The first person I spoke to was fairly nice and told me that I could return them. I was still upset about the warranty issue. The second person I spoke to, who was very rude, said that he personally tested both batteries. That I would be getting no refund. He stated that I should not return the batteries as he would not replace them. He then hung up on me.

    When I called back, the woman I spoke to said that the second guy, who was named "Louie", was actually the owner and that all his decisions were final. She apologized to me for the inconvenience.

    I was saddened by this. As I had bought from them previously and had really been impressed with some of their products. It just seems to me like they got a bad batch of batteries. These things happen. The problem is that owner tried to shove this off on me. It turns out I am not the first person to experience this type of abominable customer service with this company.

    See ripoff report here:
    Ripoff Report | | Complaint Review: 785600

    Further, it's a good thing, for me, that I have a record of all communication and correspondence. I am sure my CC company will have no trouble refunding my money after I send them the phone call where the owner hangs up on me and refuses to honer his own warranty, which, I will again point out, is prominently displayed many places on the site.

    I would avoid dealing with this company at all costs. If something goes wrong, you have to put up with really bad customer service and you might not even get your issue fixed. This company believes that blaming the customer is a way to solve issues with defective products. AVOID.
  2. louielouie

    louielouie Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Feb 23, 2011
    South Carolina USA
    your initial purchase was on NOV 9 that means your warranty was until NOV 23
    on NOV 20 you asked to return and we issued you RMA#
    On DEC 1 we received your batteries
    On DEC 1 we tested and shipped the replacement batteries to you
    I tested what we shipped back to you with my own cartomizer because you were out of the 14 days warranty
    the warranty period is on original purchase, so you don’t get another 14 days on the replacement
    how many vendors will replace your RMA the same day they receive it?
    you have received them back on DEC 3 with a letter that you don’t have warranty on them and that they have been tested
    so the first thing you would have done is test them right?
    but we don’t hear from you until DEC 8 that you have DOA on one 5 days later
    you would assume after the letter that any reasonable person would have tested right away and called or emailed right away
    but it took you 5 days to kill the battery
    this is your 3rd battery you killed
    that is user issue not manufacturer’s defect
  3. rkg

    rkg Full Member

    Mar 19, 2010
    "your initial purchase was on NOV 9 that means your warranty was until NOV 23"

    So that means you are saying the 14 days begin at the date of purchase and not the date of receipt. This is counter to most mail order businesses and is not explicitly stated by your site. It is further implied by your site that you follow the more standard practice with the warning to "PLEASE TEST ALL PRODUCTS UPON RECEIPT. THE WARRANTY PERIOD EXPIRES WHETHER YOU TEST IT OR NOT"

    THIS ORDER WAS NOT SHIPPED Until the 11th. I did not get the order until after business hours on the 14th. Meaning that, according to your statements here, I was already out of warranty by the time I actually got the item. I can paste the email your company sent for the package etc. if that will help anyone here.

    I contacted your company TWICE about the defective battery. I was told, the first time, that you would get back to me. You never did. A few days later, November 20, 2011 @ 9:32 PM I told you that the other battery had stopped working, the steps I took to make sure it was the device and not user error and asked about returning it.

    Silly me. I thought I was still in warranty. There is no mention of being out of warranty during any of our correspondence. This, were I the proprietor, seems to be a salient fact worth mentioning to the customer. I mailed you the batteries back no later than the 26th. It being Thanks Giving week and all I got a little caught with my family. Still, this would be well within the generally assumed warranty beginning on the 14th. Also, I have a receipt from the card I used and post office, which can verify this.

    "I tested what we shipped back to you with my own cartomizer because you were out of the 14 days warranty"

    A) it was a battery and not a cartomizer

    B) there is not mention of the warranty issue in any correspondence.

    C) shipping your old used item instead of a new item is actually really gross

    "you have received them back on DEC 3"

    I did not receive the package on the 3rd. I was out of town. I got the package last night and called first thing this morning. Forgive me, that this was not my life's most pressing concern. I did, however, by any general standard, report back to you in a timely fashion. I called just as soon as I became aware of the issue.

    I maintain that I killed no battery. But, even if we concede that I killed one of them, it is beyond thinking that I killed three of them. If that is actually possible, via five days of heavy use, as you are depicting, then the items you are selling are indeed cheap crap. Perhaps you are suggesting that I went buck wild and dunked all the batteries in e-liquid to simply see what would happen. free handling E-juice of that quantity is toxic and also a little expensive. It is fairly unimaginable that I would do something like that.

    I maintain I did no such thing. I maintain that you sent me 3 defective batteries because you bought cheap crap for inventory. (This is perhaps why this item is a perpetual "sale' item on your site. )

    Further, I maintain that instead of admitting your error and chalking it up to "these things happen" - and it is well documented that people inadvertently but defective items all the time, in this industry - you have continuously and vigorously attempted to push this back on me - the customer. A customer, I might add, who has actually left positive reviews for items at your site, based on their satisfaction of previous purchase. Heck, I even complemented your products during this entire process.

    Besides, all of that, your company actually has a history of having done this to someone else before.

    It is for that reason, I say thank you, sir. I will never get my money back or a good battery directly from you. But, your response here has shown everyone what type of customer service to expect should they encounter and issue with one of your many products. Knowing that people are going to look at this and think twice, about dealing with you and your company, is golden.

    Take care.
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