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Vaporesso Degree

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Oct 23, 2019.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    Vaporesso presents the Degree a new intelligent Pod Aio, equipped with AXON Chip shared with its older sister GEN 220W. With the introduction of the Axon Chip the intent is to make life easier for the consumer, offering a rich set of useful and easily accessible modes and protections, even from automatic operation, thus increasing comfort, safety and minimizing the number of interventions in the use of this device.
    Enjoy the reading

    Specifications of the Vaporesso Degree kit

    Dimensions: 90.5 × 16.45 × 41.5mm
    Output: 5-30W variable
    Battery: 950 mAh rechargeable with speed 2A quick charge
    Display: 0.69 inch OLED screen
    E-liquid capacity: 2 ml
    CCELL Pod (1.3Ω, 7-12.5w)
    Coil MESHED (0.6Ω, 16-22w)
    Upper refill with PTF safety valve
    Axon chip with SMART Output intelligent for detecting the installed coil and supplying the appropriate power, and you can also adjust it yourself
    Low-e-liquid Axon chip with on-screen warning
    Axon chip with protection Dry hit protection when the liquid is low and delivery cut with "Low Liquid" message
    Axon chip with Pulse mode same operation as in GEN MOD
    Optimization of CCEL and Classic coil through the adjustable upper airflow for optimal performance with base liquids and nicotine salts
    Recommended price: $ 47.9

    The cardboard packaging of the Vaporesso Degree Pod Aio shows the stylized design of the Degree on the front, a logo that reminds us of the presence of "Dry Hit Prevention" and a large SMALL GOT MIGHTIER (small fighter) inscription
    In the rear area there is a brief description of the mod functions, the specifications, the contents of the pack, logos & marks, bar code, a holographic security check, scratch and check, and finally the image with the Degree color contained in the package.


    On the first of the 2 sides depicted are the functionalities of the chip axon, while on the second there are the address of the manufacturer, the various certifications and the link to the official website.


    Once the package is opened, we find ourselves facing the mod so positioned.


    The kit includes:
    1- Vaporesso Degree Mod
    1- Cartridge with 0.6Ω coil, 16-22w Mesh pre-installed
    1- Spare cartridge with 1.3Ω coil, 7-12.5w CCELL
    1- Refill bottle
    1- USB charging cable
    1- User manual
    1- Warranty card
    1- OPTIONAL strap with chain


    Below we can see the mod in the 2 wide sides, in the first of which a pleasant "marble style" design predominates which is well integrated with the rest of the stainless steel body. The other photo shows the side of the removable door equipped with a "V" window to control the liquid.



    The front of the first 2 narrow sides highlights from above the fire button integrated in the support to hook the chain and the strap (optional), the 0.69-inch oled screen placed vertically, under which in the same vertical arrangement there are the up and down keys (+ and -)
    finally we find the micro usb socket for charging at 2A.


    The upper part of the Degree shows us the drip tip which includes 2 adjustable airflows at its base.


    The refill hole is equipped with a PTF safety valve, while the 2 torx screws fix the support to the body to hook the chain and the strap (optional)
    The lower base on which the mod rests is equipped with 10 holes for venting the battery, we also find the CE mark, the disposal logo and the writing Made in China, note on the side the small recess made to insert the nail when you want to open the refill door.


    Cartridges and installation

    The 2 disposable cartridges show the type of coil installed inside them and the operating range.
    Once you have chosen the one we want to install, simply remove the plastic tab to protect the 2 contact pins.
    In the last of the 4 images below, we can see the upper part of the pod with two holes: the first hole on the left puts the coil in contact with the driptip, the second hole houses the PTF valve that will fit into the appropriate hole created in the upper part of the body.

    10 inglese.jpg
  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    In the first of the 2 images below we can see the compartment that can hold the cartridges; note how the lower part of the Degree "drip tip", with the hole on the body on its right, fits perfectly with the chimney and the refill valve on the cartridge, just seen and mentioned.
    In the second image we see instead the 2 pins positioned on the Degree which will make contact with those of the cartridge illustrated above.


    Below, instead, we see the correct way to insert the cartridge, making it slide into its compartment by pushing it from right to left in an extremely simple way, the convenient strap also facilitates the reverse operation of extracting the cartridge itself.


    The door as we have already seen is provided with a V-shaped "V" peephole (nice idea) for the visual control of the liquid, while internally it shows us the 3 powerful magnets that hold it to the body.
    Once the refill compartment is closed, we can comfortably go to fill the cartridge with the supplied bottle.


    How the Degree Pod works


    With 5 clicks on the fire button we turn on / off the device, while with 3 clicks always on the fire we lock / unlock the screen with its settings.


    To access the adjustment of the Dry Hit Protection you need to unlock the screen with 3 clicks on the fire, then press the fire button simultaneously and the down adjustment button (-) will appear a graph with 10 notches, adjustable from 1 to 10 with the up or down, once the intersity level of dry hit protection level is selected, confirm by holding the fire button down for a long time.


    We can invert the screen by simultaneously pressing the Up key and the down key, to confirm press the fire key for a long time.


    Naturally the mod is equipped with all the protections of the case for our safety, to note that Vaporesso has made a commitment to the fight against counterfeiting, with a control on authenticity divided into 2 steps, the first is a very well explained holographic control in the illustration below, the second step is a classic scratch and check to verify the code on the official website,


    The six colors to choose from are the following: marble, lava, red, blue, carbon / silver and carbon / gray.


    Final Considerations:

    I could say that it is enough to insert the coil to vape, I could say that we can forget to put the liquid and I would not say certainly about the heresies, in fact there is no possibility of error since if we insert the cartridge without knowing if inside there is the 'one or the other type of coil, the Axon chip will choose the ideal wattage with scanning (unless we intervene) if we dry the axon chip before it warns us and if necessary suspends the supply until it insert the liquid into the cartridge!

    Considering that the Degree offers a selectable power between 5 and 30W, a 0.69 inch OLED screen, a 950Mah battery that recharges up to 2A in 40 minutes, the quality Axon chip already seen on Gen 200w, the function revolutionary called Dry Hit Function that comes into action by blocking the shot as soon as the liquid level inside the cartridge no longer feeds the coil, the automatic Pulse mode that allows instantaneous power delivery with an adjustable intensity, the system PTF that makes the UP-refill super simple and leak-proof without the need to have to remove the cartridge from its housing to fill it, the aromatic yield of its coils, the precision of adjustment of the shot from very closed to fairly open, its sober and elegant line, the general quality and the feeling of robustness that infuses, to say that defining this pod a concentrate of useful and intelligent quality is restrictive, it is necessary also mention the excellent purchase price of $ 47.9 which will surely fall at the time of its release on the online shops and become almost ridiculous! What more could you ask for ?? That the Vaporesso technicians make us a mod that also makes coffee ??

    Apart from the irony, I sincerely believe I have tested an excellent concentration of technology stuck in a very narrow and pretty space, a product that works great and that prompts me to congratulate Vaporesso for this Degree Pod Mod Aio Kit send me for free for this review:
    Degree » Vaporesso

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