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Vaporesso Swag II Kit 80W

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Nov 5, 2019.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    Almost everyone knows the Swag 80W of Vaporesso, a small mod with a single 18650 battery that has so much success and continues to obtain, the Swag with its Omni Board 2 card and the NRG-SE tank, has been able to carve out an important slice of the market by becoming appreciate a lot from vaper's all over the world. After having listened to various feedbacks from his customers, Vaporesso decided to propose an updated version of Swag, the Swag II! So he slightly revised the dimensions bringing the hospitality limit of the atom from 22 to 25mm, the shapes and the design are new, the materials with the exclusive rubber coating are those already appreciated on the Gen, thanks to which it has also considerably reduced the its weight, but above all Vaporesso has definitely renewed this new Swag by installing on it the same valuable Axon Chip of the Gen kit.

    On the Blue cardboard package with Swag II White lettering, the design of the mod with a very large inscription (Power & Style) appears at the front.
    The specifications, the contents of the kit, the scratch and check, the security hologram and finally the usual logos & marks are placed at the rear.


    The New Swag II looks like this once the package is opened.


    Four colors currently available.


    The Swag II Kit consists of:

    1 Swag II Mod
    1 NRG PE Tank 3.5ml
    1 GT4 Meshed Coil 0.15Ω 50-75W
    GT 1 GT CCEL Coil 0.5Ω 25-35W
    4 O'Ring
    1 Usb cable
    1 User Manual
    1 Warranty Card


    Kit Swag II specifications
    Mod size 50x25x75mm
    Weight Mod without Atom 70gr
    Range Resistance supported 0.003 / 5Ω
    Output Wattage 5-80W
    Charging current DC 5V / 2A
    Display 0.91 'Oled Screen
    18650 battery (not included)
    Attack 510
    Tank Max size without leaking 25mm
    Rubber coating
    PULSE mode


    The Mod Vaporesso Swag II is entirely made with several layers of overlapping rubber, this process makes it resistant to scratches and bumps, as well as particularly light (only 70gr).

    The first of the two sides has a wavy design, the Vaporesso Swag II writing vertically above the + and - adjustment keys, now placed in relief and more comfortable to operate than the previous model which had slightly recessed.

    The other side is slightly convex, with a micro-USB charging socket at the bottom and a small Vaporesso logo in the center.

    Both of these rubberized surfaces have the classic punching process that offers good tactile feedback for the fingers, as we had already seen in the previous review of Gen 220W.


    The narrow sides of the mod are both smooth and rubberized, the front side houses vertically and in the following order: the fire button, the 0.91 'Oled screen and the Mode adjustment button.


    Above you can better see the particular wavy side, the battery cap with relative negative marking, the raised thread that prevents (in case of liquid leaks) that it slips into the cell compartment.

    The lower part shows the word AXON Chip, Made in China, the C E mark, the disposal logo and 18 vent holes for the battery arranged in two parallel rows.


    NRG PE Tank 25mm 3.5ml

    The standard atomizer of this kit is a Vaporesso classic, revised and improved to be combined with the Swag II.

    The drip-tip has a 510 attachment and is equipped with 2 O'ring, the top cap opens by sliding freeing a generous refill slot.

    The same Top-Cap is divided into two parts, offering the possibility of being able to change the sealing silicone gasket in the event of deterioration. (Great thing this).

    The Fund of the atom shows the writing NRG PE Tank, Brand C E, disposal logo, Made in China, serial number, the silver plated Pin is only slightly protruding.

    The knurled ring resumes the look of the mod, and allows easy adjustment of the two large opposing air-flows.


    The coils

    Pre-assembled on the NRG Tank we find a new GT4 Meshed Coil 0.15Ω with 50-75W range, its structure is in Dual-Core, powered by cotton with Tea fibers for greater steam production and better aromatic quality.

    The other coil is the classic GT CCEL Coil 0.5Ω with a 25-35W range.

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  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    How the Swag II 80W Kit Works


    With the classic 5 clicks on the Fire button we switch on / off, with 3 clicks on the fire instead we block / unlock the screen.

    The mod has an intelligent function at every coil value change, so installing a new atomizer notices the change in resistive value and asks us if it is a new or an old coil.

    -In Smart VW ON mode press (+ new load) for new configuration, scanning will start proposing the ideal wattage, instead by pressing (- old load) the mod will propose a value previously set for this coil.

    -In Smart VW OFF mode, inserting a new atom and pressing (+ new load) the setting will be automatically proposed for the new atomizer, the automatic setting mode for the best compromise in TC (temperature control) comes into action.
    Pressing (- old load) the setting will be the one previously used in TC with that resistive value.

    To confirm and vape it will be sufficient to press the fire button.


    Choose a mode.
    Pressing the Mode button 3 times in succession we enter the menu

    - PUL: Pulse Mode, this mode is active by default every time we screw a new tank, the pulse frequency is close (every 0.02 seconds)

    - ECO Mode: Eco Mode, with the remaining battery charge below 40% the device will provide an option to automatically insert the power echo.

    -STC: Smart Temperature Control Mode, when the following wire of our resistance is detected (ss / ti / ni), the device will provide an option to automatically access the STC mode (smart TC).

    -DIY: Diy Mode, in this section you can choose the traditional VW (H N S), VW, VT, CCW, BP (bypass) and SP (super player) modes. When the coil resistance is extremely low, the device will provide an option to automatically access the SP mode (super player).


    - SET System setting, browsing in this configuration we find, the puff counter, screen brightness, smart VW, auto ECO on / off by default, we can then customize the operating interface.


    DIY Mode Options (VWS / VWN / VWH)

    - choosing VWH we will have a prompt reaction to the fire button with an aggressive power delivery curve.
    - choosing VWN we will have a normal reaction to the fire button with a normal delivery of the power curve.
    - choosing VWS we will have a slower reaction to the fire button with a soft and progressive delivery of power.
    1st image at the top

    VT-SS / VT-NI / VT-TI / VT-MI Variable temperature control, ss, ni and ti modes are available only for stainless steel, sus 316l, nickel200 and titanium materials. With the Mi mode, we can make a custom setting for the use of other types of wire.
    2nd image at the top

    VW (Variable Voltage Mode) in this configuration we can customize the voltage value according to our needs.
    3rd image above

    CCW (Customize the supply curve in Wattage mode)
    press the (+) and (-) buttons to customize your output power curve, move to the next bar with a quick press on the fire button, press the mode button to save and exit at the end of the setting.
    1st image below

    BP (Bypass mode) a correct direct output voltage mode, depending on the battery charge level during use, in Bypass the supported resistance range is from 0.15Ω to 5Ω
    2nd image below

    SP (Super Player Mode)
    The device supports a wider resistance range from 0.03Ω to 5Ω in this mode.
    3rd image below


    Curious about this graph that shows the trend and the impulse difference of a "puff" with or without Pulse Mode.


    The difference in weight between the new Swag and the old one is mainly due to the construction material, the new Swag II uses different layers of special rubber resistant to shocks and scratches, glued one to the other, the result is 44gr less compared to the previous Swag model.


    Still some images of the "old woman" and the new one in comparison.



    Final conclusions
    Vaporesso Swag II (my PROs).

    1. Optimized Flavor
    With the new GT4 Coil to mesh having a dual-core structure, tea fiber cotton was used, resulting in an even purer flavor and denser vapor clouds.

    2. The Pulse mode in the Axon chip undoubtedly helps to increase both the quality of the flavor and the amount of vapor clouds during each inhalation.

    3. Compatibility
    The Swag II can accommodate 25mm diameter atomizers.
    The NRG PE Tank 25mm is compatible with all GT series coils.

    4. Functions
    Same as Smart TC, Power ECO, DIY, etc. of Gen.

    5. Ease of use, the AXON chipset is intuitive, rational and intelligent.

    6. The "Plus and Minus" buttons are updated for easier use.

    7. The graphic interface of the screen is the same as the Gen.

    8. Very favorable size and weight for optimum portability.

    9. Building material pleasant to the touch. After the very positive tactile feedback I found on the Gen, I gladly find the same coating material applied to the Swag II, all of which gives me the same feeling, no annoying visible fingerprints and very high scratch resistance.

    10. Pleasant aesthetics.

    Definitely an excellent kit that I can recommend to every type of vaper, from the beginner to the most demanding expert.

    I thank Vaporesso for providing me with the excellent Swag II for this review, for more details visit the official website here: Swag II » Vaporesso
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