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VooPoo Drag 2 Platinum Mod Review by eldaar

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by eldaar, Nov 25, 2019.

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  1. eldaar

    eldaar Full Member

    Jul 11, 2019
    VooPoo Drag 2 Platinum Mod was sent to me for review from Sourcemore

    What’s inside the box you ask?

    - Drag 2 Platinum Mod
    - USB Cable
    - GENE Chip Card
    - User Manual
    - Warranty Card


    Technical specifications are also important, so here they are:

    - Dimensions: 88.3x51x26.5mm
    - Weight: 158 grams
    - Battery: 2 x 18650 (Not included)
    - Max Power: 177 Watts

    Device Specifications as found on website:

    - Material Used : Tungsten Alloy Body & Resin
    - Power Range : 5-177 Watt (20watt more than the old Drag2)
    - Voltage Output: 0-7.5V
    - Current Output: 0-40A
    - Resistance Range: 0.05 to 5.0 Ohm
    - TC Range: 100 to 315 C

    Build quality:

    Weighing in at approximately 217 grams without batteries, now that’s lighter than the VOOPOO Alpha Zip with MAAT despite being bigger in size. In this case standing at 142.5 mm high with the tank in place, 26.5 mm deep, and 51 mm wide.

    Quality of the Drag 2 Platinum is superb and the platinum shell itself is apparently non-fading & scratch-proof. Unlike the original Drag, the Drag 2 has a slightly curved body which soften the edges and in-turn making the mod very comfortable to hold.

    Moreover both the resin panel and the platinum finish make the Drag 2 Platinum feels luxurious in the hand. Furthermore the Drag 2 Platinum is 1/4 of the weight, of the original Drag.

    Whilst not overly ‘clicky’ the fire and control buttons responds well. Moreover the detailing and machining are spot on. Additionally no burrs or sharp edges and the resin panel looks good against the platinum finish. Although I do feel that the resin panels would ‘pop out’ against the platinum finish, if they had been polished.

    As with most mods in the Voopoo line up, the throw of 510 centre pin is good, and is fairly stiff. Again adding to the longevity of the centre pins spring. However the 510 base, is sat about 1 mm above the mod. Similar to the X-217, presumably this has been introduced on the platinum finishes to stop atomisers marking the top of the mod.

    The battery door is still the same style as the drag series where you have a cut out on the bottom and lift away from the mod to get to your batteries. However one point of note there is a slight wiggle on the door. But it must be only about 0.5 mm its just enough that you feel it move sometimes when picking up the mod for a vape.

    Fitted with a OLED screen its display is easy to read and sharp. However in sunlight you can just about work out the settings and is not as easy to read. Although you can check this is set to it highest level in the Voopoo firmware on your PC.


    Menu Options

    - Power mode sub menu: M (Custom mode), SN (serial number), VER (firmware version)
    - TC sub menu: M (Custom mode), Ω-set (sets resistance), F (sets TCR)

    The menu system takes some time to get used to, but I wouldn’t call it complicated. The mod adjusts in 1-watt increments, but doesn’t accelerate and also doesn’t round-robin. It is pretty fast though.

    The GENE chip is known for its power mode performance and accuracy, and the Drag 2 is excellent in that regard. Temperature control, on the other hand, is meh. As with the original Drag, I found it to have excellent dry hit protection and more or less accurate temperatures overall, but a proprietary TCR numbering and, more importantly, the 80-watt limit in TC are major drawbacks. If you are thinking on using the Drag 2 for temperature control vaping with exotic coils, then you will probably be disappointed. It is fine for MTL style coils though, as you will not need the extra wattage and the default TCR works for stainless steel.

    The mod also features FIT mode, which comes with three presets: FIT1 (battery), FIT2 (flavor) and FIT3 (clouds). After playing with it for a while, I believe that the only thing it does is read the resistance and set the wattage accordingly, with FIT1 being low wattage, FIT2 medium and FIT3 high. Voopoo recommends using FIT mode on the Uforce tanks, but trying it on the included coils of the Uforce T2 tank I got an underwhelming vape. They also say that the mode does not apply to rebuildables; I did try it on a 0.7-ohm MTL coil, and I found that it fired significantly higher than what I would like it to. In my opinion, the mode is the definition of hit-or-miss and I found no real use for it.



    Power Mode

    In power mode you are able to set the wattage from 5 W to 177 W.

    Access to Custom Mode, Series Number, and Software Version via holding + – buttons simultaneously.

    FIT Mode

    There are 3 modes in the FIT mode, each trying to calculate the best settings based on the resistance of the tank. Here when the fit mode gets it right works well, but sometimes it gets it wrong.

    1) Battery Saving mode – Lowers the output, thus saving your battery whilst trying to keep the flavour. Moreover despite the weak flavour, it could be life saver if you’re caught short with no spare batteries.

    2) Enhanced Flavour mode – When it gets this right its results are brilliant, and I could not match the flavour in manual wattage. Without a doubt when FIT mode gets it wrong, you are better moving back to manual power mode.

    3) Extra Clouds mode – Slightly less flavour and more clouds with seemingly only a slight difference in stepped up power.

    Presumably the fit modes works by altering the pulse in the the modulation in order to get these changes.

    TC Mode

    In temperature control mode you have Stainless Steel (SS), Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti).
    Furthermore access to Custom Mode, Coil Cooling Value, and Coil Coefficient is via holding + – buttons simultaneously.


    - Comfortable to hold and not too big
    - Light weight (45grams lighter to be exact)
    - Looks great with the mirror platinum finish
    - Different Resin color options
    - Super-fast firing, pretty much instant 0.025 seconds
    - Powerful GENE.FIT Chip
    - No button rattle, they are solid!
    - The GENE chip manages battery life very good.


    - Battery door rattle/loose and doesn’t sit as snug as I would like it
    - Resin doesn’t seem to be removable to change colors.
    - Screen seems a little miss-aligned, part of the W in power mode is cut off or can only be seen if you look at an angle.(Might only be this one and not all)
    - Finger print magnet…which is to be expected with the mirror finish
    - Protruding 510 of around 0.5mm which causes a gap between the tank and the mod, a flush fit would look better IMO.
    - Its not quite Scratch-proof, I have picked up some small scratches over the couple of days while using it. This is a little disappointing…


    My biggest gripe with the Drag 2 mod is the gap created by the raised 510 platform, followed by the play of the battery door. If you don’t mind these inconveniences, and if you don’t plan on using TC mode in high wattages, then chances are you are going to enjoy it. It is reasonably priced, houses an accurate chip and fixes some of the problems of its best-selling predecessor. It’s not nearly as groundbreaking as the original Drag, but gets the job done.
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