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Voopoo Vinci Q - burnt pod

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New Member
Jun 23, 2022
Hi ,
New here, and new in this vaping world, I've just read a few threads before posting, and I have a question for you... I've recently swapped cigarettes for a vaping pod, after trying a few disposable ones, and after using the pod for a day or two, with a e-liquid 70/30 and a shot of nic, the pod actually gives me a burnt sensation.
Bought 3 pods, and one of them gives me burnt sensation after an hour...
Could this be that the Pod itself is of a low quality? or it's just a normal thing, that the refillable pod to just deteriorate that fast?
I was constantly filling it with e-liq, and used it normally!
Should I buy another type of pod, like xkros or Calliburn ?

Oh and the Pod Kit is Voopoo Vinci Q
Not open for further replies.

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