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Discussion in 'Voopoo' started by VOOPOO_Thea, Sep 7, 2018.

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  1. VOOPOO_Thea

    VOOPOO_Thea Brand Manager ECF Veteran

    Dec 1, 2016
    Initial Impression:

    Even before I was sent the Vmate I had seen images of it floating around online, and that had me pretty excited. The packaging is quite nice, as are most packaging nowadays. Upon opening the box, it appeared it came with the standard cards, USB cable, and of course the star of the show: the mod. I was pleasantly surprised, I actually liked the silver appearance of the chassis. The doors, on the other hand, I didn't and still don't like the pattern, but that is more of a subjective thing. Overall, seeing it in person had me really excited.

    As I had mentioned above, I was pretty pleased with the way it looked beside the doors pattern. The pattern on the doors I would describe as a faux black marble, but they describe it as "rock black." I dig the rounded shape, it gives it more of a sleek look. The screen and backplate are a nice touch making the mod look symmetrical in design. Overall, I would describe the design on this to be a fairly simple one, and I am overall pleased with the way it looks.

    First frustration (although I feel rather dumb for this) was the battery doors, before reading I tore into the package and held the mod and immediately tried to open it up. I did not notice that the side panels were the battery doors and was puzzled. After a few seconds I realized the doors were on the sides. facepalm

    So after a few minutes of tinkering in the menu I took it to my computer to check for a firmware update, and there wasn't one at that time, and last I checked still no upgrade at time of posting this review. The Voopoo software did not recognize the mod either, but I assume that is because I had it before the time of the mods release.


    Power Mode:

    The Vmate seems to perform in a similar fashion as its older brother the Drag, which I have had for months at this point. Power mode gives you options to fire from 5w all the way up to 200w. I’ve used it anywhere from 40 watts all the way up to 125w. The mod does get slightly warm when I was firing upwards of a 100w plus. While this can be caused by a number of reasons including but not limited to what batteries you use, and chassis material, I just feel it should be noted that it does tend to get warm. Overall this mod functions very well in power mode. I exclusively use it in power mode now, and you'll will see why below.
    Temperature Control:

    The Gene chipset is known to be decent at Temperature Control compared to some of the other competitors in the price range, but with one caveat. If you want to use Temperature Control don't plan to have big or complex builds that would otherwise require higher than 80w. This is one of the most disappointing things about this mod, it only goes up to 80w for temperature control. I would have thought that maybe Voopoo would have changed that considering this is the updated chip. Now, I can say that it seems as good as the Temperature Control on their older flagship the Drag. I am not completely disappointed with it because while it may not work with my typical build, but it does what it says it can do.

    Menu Navigation and User Interface:

    As always, it has a 5 click to turn on with the fire button. Then it deviates from there, 3 clicks does not initiate a menu screen but a quick select between modes. To access the menu, you want to press both the up and down button simultaneously and hold. From there the menu functions as most menus. You can lock the device by holding the fire button and the wattage up button. The main screen displays the wattage, battery meter, resistance, voltage, and last puff time. While talking about the user interface I feel it important to mention one weird glitch I have noticed with it; when waking the screen up one battery bar, typically the right one will show up as empty making it appear as if one battery is completely dead. This does go away shortly after, so it is rather a non-issue, but I do hope they address this in a firmware update.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Overall Thoughts:

    To put it simply, I plan to keep this mod in my rotation. The mod is by no means perfect, but I like the form factor as well as its weight. This thing will be a good beater mod for me. It has been on a camping trip, and has suffered a little abuse, but does not reflect it in appearance. The biggest issue for me on this is that the Temperature Control didn't seem to get any updates. The power mode is where it will stay for me due to the builds I run. The other big nitpick is the fact that there are two battery doors. While some may not care, I believe that the less moving parts there are, the less there is to break over time. I would recommend this as an option for someone looking for a mod, but like any other time, it is all situationally different person to person.

    • Dual 18650 powered

    • Zinc-alloy chassis

    • Two battery doors (one on each side)

    • Dimensions: 89mm x 47mm x 30mm

    • Weight: 102g

    • Wattage range: 5w to 200w

    • Temperature range: 200° to 600°F/100° to 315°C

    • Gene.Fan chipset

    What's in the box?

    • 1 x Voopoo Vmate mod

    • 1 x User Manual

    • 1 x USB cable

    • 1 x Warranty Card

    • 1 x Gene chip card


    • Ergonomic

    • Nice Screen

    • Weight

    • Split battery compartment
    • The aesthetic of the battery doors aren't my thing
    Thanks for reading~

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