Ways to Make our Devices Lasts Longer

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Jun 4, 2020
You’ve been enjoying puffing on your favorite device then suddenly it is not working anymore. It was procured just a week ago. What could possibly go wrong?

Make cleaning your e-cigarette periodically a habit.

Vaping devices are like any other item you might use in your daily life, eventually and inevitably it will become dirty from dust, pocket lint and other tiny particles.

Check safety precautions such as wattage and battery compatibility, this is not only for the protection of the device but most importantly to avoid accidents for your security.

For pre-built OCC coil and pod cartridge users, always check for e-liquid leakage that can cause flooding on devices which lead to malfunctions.

Caring for e-cigarette devices will make it more durable to use for a longer span of time.

Do you have any additional suggestions? Please feel free to share it with us. :)

Have a nice day.

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