Which Odin Should You Use

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Apr 29, 2019
Every beginner to vaping has come across a dilemma of what regulated device or mod would best suit them. So in this thread topic we will cover how to choose the regulated mod that best suits your needs.

We have the Odin DNA250C, the Odin 200 watts and the Odin Mini, we will discuss each of them.


The Odin DNA250C is a 250 watt device powered by the DNA chip from evolve fitted for a dual 21700 battery setup, for those who are looking for a powerful mod you can customize this is the perfect choice for you. Along with the display you have the option of customizing battery efficient tcr controls and so much more with the DNA chip this my be daunting for beginners so we would recommend this mod to advanced users.


The Odin 200 is more user friendly than the DNA counterpart, you get all the power of a dual 21700 200 watt device but in a more easier to use regulated device with only customization being the big difference between the Odin DNA and the Odin 200 watts we recommend this to all newbies looking for a powerful regulated device.


Finally the Odin mini, which is also powered by a DNA but its a lower powered DNA75c chip, it has all the customizable functions of the Odin DNA but only at 75 watts. The Odin mini is a single battery mod that uses a 21700 battery expanding the battery life further and we recommend this to any advanced user that prefers low power, MTL or single coil vaping.


Dont forget that each of the odin series match up with the Blotto, the odin 200 and odin 250c match with the Blotto RTA,and the odin mini matches with the Blotto Mini.

Now,do you know which Odin should you use ? If you still have question please feel free to contact us :)


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Sep 16, 2017
I know it's been around a little bit but I just got a Dovpo M VV2 in the mail today. With the Hannya panels. So far, I'm really liking it. A lot. Its gonna be, if not already, my favorite mod. I love the looks and it certainly vapes to my satisfaction. Everyone is talking about the Odin, I get it, but this VV2 kicks ....
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