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Wotofo X Uncle Stas - STNG MTL RDA - Black

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Vapin'Bolt, Nov 7, 2019.

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  1. Vapin'Bolt

    Vapin'Bolt Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 22, 2018
    United Kingdom
    Prepare the stinger…

    Wotofo where have you been? Down the factory knocking up a new MTL RDA! And its about time we get to see something other than pods which clearly are taking ownership of the vaping world at the minute. Wotofo you are awesome at branding and innovative style which I admire a lot working with many influencers and advocates…

    resize_DSC_1007.JPG resize_DSC_1008.JPG

    Out the Box

    The STNG comes in 6 different colour options. Black, Gunmetal, Gold, Rainbow, Blue and Stainless Steel, all of which are noticeable the colour options Wotofo choose these days. The price is $35USD, which is about £28GBP.

    The RDA is designed by ‘Uncle Stas’ which Wotofo do best in getting ideas from vapers, influencers and advocates. There are loads of spare O-Rings with two coil options, 0.75ohm and 1.2ohm both MTL.

    The size is 22mm and looks awesome paired with either a squonk Mini stick or a mech, maybe? There are two drip tip options, the wider bore and the MTL funnel.

    The Allen key, screwdriver along with the squonk pin and cotton strips something which Wotofo know best…

    Always at the bottom of the box is the user manuals along with a warranty card.


    The Build

    So, this is the first MTL RDA I have tried to date…I like it and I’m impressed I’m not fully converted but I enjoyed building on it. The post is clamps which are nice and tighten really well I did notice that the screws could have been slightly bigger but that then could affect the overall size of the RDA. It didn't take long to get the coil in and set it up there was a bit of variation in ohms but it read nearer to .75ohm so I was happy.

    The tank fits lovely on the Luna and there is no overhang, shouldn’t be really at 22mm. I found this a nice vaping device and it worked really well very dinky.

    When priming the cotton, was super quick. I didn’t notice that I had to open the coils up slightly as it did occasionally not draw right this was down to my build quality maybe I rushed it too much. Over excitement! The flavour came through nice and the clouds were progressive not too creamy not enough for me, but they were nice. The juice well it took ages to get through one squonk bottle, not an issue but it never seemed to go down, I think a full bottle lasted me 3 days and the battery was just 2 days! The cotton I used was ‘Wotofo’ straight from the packet, not the provided, I thought id saves that. Then I tried over at ‘Swag’ this was nice and there were no changes in flavour really.

    The airflow is good, I did find it was quite restricted sometimes too much, but it was fine as time went on and I had got used to it. I really would like to drip on this too just to see what it can do but the wide bore drip tip wouldn’t pair well I’m pretty sure of it.

    resize_DSC_1010.JPG resize_DSC_1011.JPG resize_DSC_1012.JPG resize_DSC_1014.JPG


    · Solid inside and out…

    · Lovely finish

    · Nice flavour

    · Good cloud production

    · Restricted MTL airflow

    · Awesome construction

    · Easy to wick

    · Easy build


    · Cannot be dripped on, need a bigger drip tip

    · Hard to gauge airflow vents



    Wotofo just keeps on releasing stunning building hardware, right back from the glorious Bravo. With this what more is to give innovation, style something out the ballpark. Who knows but I can see it being a bright future? MTL isn’t my chosen area, as I’m more DTL which I do prefer and still down even with this nifty little beauty. It’s a good piece of hardware and it is going to be huge with MTL vapers who are not keen on the pods or fancy squonking.

    I’m currently using this tank paired with the Luna and it has been faultless right through to flawless! I’ve used two types of liquid, 50/50 and the thicker VG of 80.20 both work great and the flavour is awesome. It’s hard to get a good MTL which performs to how you want it but this is it!

    Now would I buy it? I would, but only if I knew I could pair it with something like the Luna. Again, by choice…something what I have found lately is that if I bought everything, I would be cash strapped due to everything being really good. No, I’m not bias or trying to win companies over it is just they are really well constructed, and they deliver to their intentions.


    Equipment/Products Used

    Mod – asMODus X Ultroner – Luna Squonk – Red/Blue Stabwood
    Tank – Wotofo – STNG MTL RDA - Black
    E-liquid – Dr.Vapes – Pink Sour – 78/22 3mg
    Coils – Wotofo – 0.75ohm Dual Core Fused Claptons
    Batteries –LG 3000mah and Golisi 30s both 18650
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