My first nicotine overdose.

Discussion in 'Health, Safety and Vaping' started by CemeteryMan, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. CemeteryMan

    CemeteryMan Senior Member

    So vaping (24mg high) all day yesterday and drinking a fair amount so I'm not paying too much attention to how much I'm taking in. This morning: Massive headache, shortness of breath, laboured breathing and a heart rate of 110-115 bpm. Vaped away all day in the emerg (on LOW strength)while waiting for test results (security checked me out than laughed about, they'd heard of e-cigs) (chest x-ray, blood work, ecg, etc). Final verdict: in fine heath, nicotine poisoning, take some valium, and slow down on the vaping!

    On a side note if you've vaping away on a nice flavour and you take a shot of vodka it give the vodka the flavour - though drinking a lot straight vodka and vaping is gonna give you a super nasty raw throat.
  2. goonie

    goonie Senior Member

    Wow bro ... I've gotten headaches which told my body to "put the vape down" before it got too serious (and I vape 36mg liquids), but never have I woken up more messed up than I have falling asleep..

    Your story scares me.

    Are you vaping PG?
  3. Katmar

    Katmar Ultra Member

    It sounds more like a combo of the drinking and vaping, imo.
  4. CemeteryMan

    CemeteryMan Senior Member

    Yup, perhaps a little alcohol poisoning in there as well, got pretty ripped and was certainly chain-vaping like mad. But I have NEVER had a hangover like that and I'm *ahem* a very experienced drinker.
  5. starchelle

    starchelle Senior Member

    Dude that sucks. I wouldn't be surprised about the nic poisoning, though. Surprised I haven't had it yet, since I've been chaining like mad, but only on 18s. My vote, if you're going to chain, drop your strength.
  6. CemeteryMan

    CemeteryMan Senior Member

    I was vaping irresponsibly, I don't think anyone should scared... just use some common sense.

    I mix it up mostly PG yesterday but I been mixing it up, cutting my high juice 50-50 with VG and a couple drops of flavour and a couple drops of vodka.
  7. goonie

    goonie Senior Member

    btw what are you vaping on?
  8. cassavetes

    cassavetes Moved On

    What voltage?
  9. CemeteryMan

    CemeteryMan Senior Member

    Regular 510 and a 510 mega, 3.7 volts I assume? And I was switching back and forth to keep the vape coming - I don't think I'd recommend doing that, rest between your vapes. Awesome e-cigs. But I got a Silver Bullet in the mail today and I am waiting for the lights to turn green... maybe another trip to the emerg tomorrow! :p
  10. Bella Chic

    Bella Chic Vaping Master

    Damn go with your bad *** self, lol. But really, glad your ok and I'm sure you'll be having a blast with your Silver Bullet when it's ready. :)
  11. VictoryNotVengence

    VictoryNotVengence Ultra Member

    you were almost a real cemetary man
  12. TheLizinator

    TheLizinator Super Member

    I chain-vape 50 mg. on a regular basis and have never had any negative backlash from nicotine. Liquor-is-quicker, however. Beware of the EtOH-monster. It will catch up wif you and eat you alive!
  13. itsmyyear

    itsmyyear Full Member

    I have had the same thing happen to me even BEFORE I ever started smoking. The alcohol was the primary cause. The ER doc referred to it as "Holiday heart Syndrome" - apparently its very common during the holidays when people are drinking alot!! Large amounts of alcohol over the course of an evening and woke up the next morning with a killer headache, and my HR was way up-felt like I was having a heart attack. Later it was determined that I also have benign PVC's and PAC's (premature ventricular and atrial contractions)- nothing more than my heart occasionally skips and speeds up- mostly when I am under stress or low iron. Not really dangerous and a very common thing- many people have it. Just wondering if it was more the alcohol than the nic-?? Glad you're OK!
  14. CemeteryMan

    CemeteryMan Senior Member

    ETOH-monster? Huh?


    Etol = alcohol, ya ya I have an ETOH monkey nibling my back. But chaining 50mg! Jebus!
  15. CemeteryMan

    CemeteryMan Senior Member

    Doc seemed the symtoms seemed more in line with the Nic, he was aware of the drinking.... I think it was more a combination. I was rotating e-cigs and vaping constantly. I've had alcohol poisoning before (ya I like to go all out sometimes) but I've never felt like I did this morning. The walk-in sent me to the ER but all the tests were neg except for elevated heart rate and the trouble breathing eased off over the course of the day. I mean they gave me valium and sent me home, I don't think the event was particularly serious. Just learned to treat my juice with a little more respect. I don't think anyone on here would disagree that nicotine is an addictive poison and stimulant, treat it with respect and keep off those deadly analogues!
  16. CaptJay

    CaptJay Vaping Master

    I must admit this is the only thing that really concerns me about PVing; the fact I'm taking in more nic than I was when smoking and that with a really good flavored juice I'll overdo things. I know I will - because I have lol.
    Good side: not smoking tobacco (and not posioning myself and everyone round me with toxic fumes and smells)
    Bad side: vaping too much and getting headaches

    The nic strength atm Im on is 12mg - Im taking more of that in than I did/do on ciggies. I know because I do have one now n again and they taste like nothing. No real hit, just a crap taste really. Always put it out and wonder why I picked it up.
    I do plan on cutting the nic strengths down in future - or buying doublers and cutting it - whatever works really. I feel I need to do this becuase I enjoy vaping almost 'too much' if you can relate to that.
    Glad you are ok tho CMan - did the doc say lasting effects from the nic OD or is it one of those things that fades fast without issues?
  17. boochips

    boochips Super Member

    I think I'd go to another hospital if it happens again. From what I have read we only get 10 to 18% of the nic from vaping that we do from cigarettes.
    BTW being irresponsible with alcohol AND vaping is not to be commended IMHO
  18. CemeteryMan

    CemeteryMan Senior Member

    I mentioned a couple times that my use was irresponsible and my symptoms were consistent with that of a nicotine OD not an alcohol overdose (though a contributing factor due to impairment of judgment). My intention was to draw attentions to misuse, no one and certainly not myself is 'commending' the actions I've described and the result I would think speaks for itself.
  19. CemeteryMan

    CemeteryMan Senior Member

    Nicotine is a stimulate that can elevate your heart rate (among other things), we're all different.... how this might effect you I do not know. I can tell you I'm perfectly fine now, still vapin' (lower nic content) and still not smokin' those filthy analogues which WE KNOW will harm you. The only lasting effect (with no issues) is to be a little more responsible.
  20. smokinridge

    smokinridge Senior Member

    Thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully someone else can and will learn from your mistake!;)
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