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Dance till your demons are quiet again, till the pain replaces the memory. Part 1

Published by LongHaul in the blog Random ramblings of a cronic thinker and madman. Views: 699

........And so the Demon within fights the Monster without.

These are a collection of random thoughts and stuff I write when my moods flip and my bipolar kicks in. Some think they are personal, and some think they are about them, still some find themselves in the writing. Wanting peace and closure but only finding out they really do have monsters and they are showing their own collections of demons and fears. Still there is some that will believe that a post was written about them......and some are. Some are written as they happen, even as the conversation is still taking place. Most are written in quiet reflection as the days glimmers of the fading light is reflecting off the faded memories. The monsters are feelings and people, sometimes places, sometimes feelings......and sometimes a sin. The Demons are feelings and people, none are stagnant they change with the days light even as the moods of destiny are fading on the silver light of a fresh days light.

None of the writings are meant to offend or point out a certain individuals shortfalls other than my own. these are therapy for me they portray a moment frozen in time and other moments that i cant remember. I wrote them out for the glory of reading later, of learning latter, learning the lessons of pain and rage and the ability to maintain sanity of the moment even when rage and insanity are bashing at the back of the thought.

I hope you enjoy reading them and maybe they will help to teach you something about yourself. I hope to someday turn them into something more but for now they are just random thoughts of insanity and reflections of madness..............Morgan

Words suffer the consequence of inaction and actions pay the price of cheap words...............

The anger surrounds like with a warm touch as it whispers to your ear "Be still my child the moment of fear is upon us"

like a marionette in the night my anger and madness dance a wild dance, lashing out as they fight against peace and sanity...resting only for love as it fights normality....

freezing feelings shatter nerves as the demons scream permeates every fiber, flooding the chambers with rage by perverting reality and normality with confusion and madness.............

Dance the Demons moonlight dance of irrationality and confusion. Gliding in and out of reality as you trade one monster for another, living in a trance of confusion.......embracing rage

my madness write my monsters fear while my demons play in the shadows of hate evoking rage with a simple whisper...................

whispers talk in the wind as demons dance in the moonbeams reflecting off my sanity

The dogs attack the last fleeting shimmers of hope and tranquility, shattering the peace with their snarls as the fangs penetrate the flesh of dreams unfulfilled............

welcome to your nightmare the wind whispered as it closed the curtain of rage. The moment of fear is here, let loose the rabid dogs of failure and hide your shivers.

madness drags me into the hole of darkness. Flailing as I fall grasping for breath, for reality, for a warm touch, for comfort.........but only finding a spot at the alter of madness wishing for death but finding my own screams drowning out my voice.

The demons whisper amongst themselves...plotting, planning, scheming, licking their chops every time the breeze brings a new scent of fear.....only to be drown out by the fear of the hunter as he embraces his renewed rage welcoming it back......

The demons breath rises in a cloud of jealousy as the shadows flicker and dance in the eyes of the beast while he waits patiently for his prey to sleep..........

he waits huddled in the corner of the prison cell he used to call home hiding from the beast that stalks him meeting him at every turn matching him move for move, shared feelings of betrayal and deceit. His struggle is with the beast in the mirror.

The demon and beast sit in their corners lurking in the shadows waiting for the moment to wage battle for control, with heavy breath they lunge striking slashing and grasping at everything not knowing the outcome or what mood I will be in at the end..........

They alienate your fears, your desires, your trust, and feed your lust hoping to string it along watching as you dance a tormented dance. Pain driven and lust fueled you dance till your demons are quiet again, till the pain replaces the memory.

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