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of mice and men

Published by leannebug in the blog leannebug's blog. Views: 475

sheesh.. everyone is leaving faster than rats from a sinking ship. Besides Jules, and neph, Gooddog, A Hope, even Sensay is talking about leaving. People calling each other names. It's a sad sad day.

I had to 'rejoin' so I could post something for Jules, but I see now that she's left officially. I don't see any point in staying, not when so many of the people I truly enjoy, have left, in anger or sadness.

I've looked around all week, wondering where to 'hang out', how to still chat with my "friends". Eh, that's been difficult. Tried to PM several people, so I could still give.. that was kind of hard too.. and I lurked. Lurked and watched, read, tried to stay away.

That was the hardest part! I couldn't! I would see something, want to post, and remember I wasn't a member anymore... and that made me sad all over again.

So dear friends, rest if you must. Regroup, find your hearts again, and the best part of you that you love to share.. then come back and be the friend indeed to the friend in need that you want to be.

I'll still be there, lurking some where.
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