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Pleasant Morning

Published by MyMagicMist in the blog MyMagicMist's blog. Views: 481

Have a 2.3ohm coil in a T-Dux 3.0 tank. This is soaking up Whiskey Bent juice at 12mg per ml. I am hitting it at around 10.5 P. according to the mod's read out. Looking at a handy wallpaper with the formulas of Ohm, I see the 10.5 is more likely actually 9.2 P. P = E(sq)/R is the formula I used.

Now, awaiting the whole fracking drama to ensue from sister in law over the OMFG! IT"S A BLIZZARD. Two foot of snow expected in our area. Not greatly concerned over it myself. Recall weathering through storms what dumped 5 to 7 feet of snow in VA. Her sister though, pure absolute drama queen.

Me and wife are looking for something at least modestly nice, in a 30 to 50k range, with at least more than one acre of land. We've found a few prospects. There's one with 12 acres and nothing but an off grid hunting cabin. I'd love it for the room for the dogs. She points out, we'd need to dig a well, get electric set up, set up sewage. Ultimately that would be too much for us merely starting a nest, she says. She also points out a ready to move in double wide, on 4 acres, with a hog pen & chicken house.

Need to figure out what the local agriculture extension office can offer as help. We're hoping the first home owner loans are suitable for us. I would be on the property as a homesteader, full time, or at least as full time as I could do. I watch a good buddy, jnull0, on Youtube. He doesn't exactly make things look easy. He does though convey things in a way that's understandable. I would be honored to walk beside him as a fellow homesteader.

She would continue working outside the homestead. Both of us would pool resources and be able to manage fair enough I believe. We just need a clear opening and good foundation to start on. We need our own d___ place, soon. Her sister is driving us both squirrel poop nutty in very bad ways. Had we known they were to be living here as well, we maybe could have stayed in VA. Oh well, life ... it keeps going.
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