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Please see this at My Yellow Pad.

======== Liter Math

For anyone who wants the easy math to determine how long a liter would last, here it is:

mls per day x strength = Y
1 liter of 100mg strength = 100,000 mgs

100,000 / Y / 365 = # of years a liter will last (assuming you never change your strength or amount per day of course)

For me I'm 3mls/day @ 6mg strength = 18mgs per day. 1 liter is 5,555 days worth or 15 years. $25 for a 15 year insurance policy seems like a smoking...or should I say vaping deal!

Mr. Morely uses 2mls/day @ 18mg strength = 36mgs per day. 100,000mgs / 36mgs / 365 = ~7.5 years (It is a little over that, Mr. Morely is rounding down to be conservative. He got 7.61 years.)


======================== Batteries

Only buy batteries from a reputable supplier (not ebay or Amazon) as there are many counterfeit batteries being sold. Here are several reputable battery suppliers in the US.

RTD Vapor - Authentic AW Batteries - RTD Vapor

Illumination Supply - - Flashlights, Batteries, Carry Gear, Intelligent LED Lighting, and More!

Orbtronics - 18650 Batteries | Rechargeable Li-ion | Battery Chargers

IMR Batteries - Earth's #1 source for IMR 18650 Batteries, Chargers, Cases & Wraps |

Liion Wholesale - Liion Wholesale Batteries | Li-ion battery distributor

======================== RESISTANCE WIRE

Buy quality resistance wire from reputable supplier/s only.

TEMCo Tower Electronics Manufacturing Company

Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire
< Resistance Wire >

Commonly Used Spools
( Items marked with a * are 100 foot spools. )

24ga < Kanthal Wire 24 Gauge RW0249 - 50 FT 0.79oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

26ga < Kanthal Wire 26 Gauge RW0158 - 50 FT 0.49oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

28ga < Kanthal Wire 28 Gauge RW0117 - 50 FT 0.31oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

30ga < Kanthal Wire 30 Gauge RW0106 - 50 FT 0.19oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

*32ga < Kanthal Wire 32 Gauge RW0097 - 100 FT 0.25oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

*34ga < Kanthal Wire 34 Gauge RW0075 - 100 FT 0.15oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG >

======================== FLAVORS

TFA < Perfumer's Apprentice >

RTS Vapes < Liquid Food Flavoring & Flavor Concentrate by Flavor Apprentice | E-Liquid Flavoring >

Flavorah < All Vaping Flavors >

Lorann < Homepage 2 >

DIY Vape Flavors < DIY Vape Flavors >

======================== NICOTINE

Wizard Labs < Search - nicotine >

Nude Nicotine < Nude Nicotine - Chemically Validated and Artfully Concocted Electronic Cigarette Liquid >

RTS Vapes < Liquid Nicotine >
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