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Friend today let me borrow his RSST. He wrapped a ~1ohm build 28ga Kanthal coil round some Ready-X wick on the deck. I'm hitting on Hell Bent flavor juice at 6mg nicotine. I'm using the MVP 2 to push it at 10W.

Now, I know I will be buying an RSST for myself. Friend has said I may use his as long as desired. That noted, I will want my own.

I may also look at buying some of the gear Super X suggests. Like the idea of consistent coils created with the gizmo. Imho, the Ready-X wick works and can be 'burnt' clean with a lighter. Do not think I'll try the mesh.

I am surprised at the warmth not being the 'burn your lungs out' kind. This makes me happy. :) I enjoy the warmth of the vape off the RSST.
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