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Surprising Christmas

Published by MyMagicMist in the blog MyMagicMist's blog. Views: 479

Have written here about a friend loaning me his old RSST RBA. We had both checked it out and could not determine what errors were going on with it. This afternoon, I took it back out and jiggled round with the coil and center post a little. It is still a bit persnickety but it works now.

Well, this evening my friend surprised me. He told me the RSST was mine to keep, Merry Christmas. :) In a way kind of suspected it was coming. He had said before I could use it as long as needed. Think he is happier with tanks all around.

I too enjoy the tanks, but can appreciate the simpleness of the RSST. Looked a little bit ago, figure I'll spend ~$20 - $25 to get a small modest rebuilding kit for it. That gets me a 25ft spool of each, 28 & 30 ga. Kanthal A1, 1ft of Redi-X-Wick, a cheap coil jig tool. Figure I'll build coils with a 3mm inner diameter as the wick is 2.77mm. That may help me over my least favored part, wicking the dang coils.
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