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1: The Disposable electronic cigarettes

Most people first get a taste of vaping with these. They are considered by some, myself included, a very important device that should be carried by whoever sells regular cigarettes. They are the perfect scheme to attract people into vaping. Unfortunately, they usually SUCK! With a capital “S” followed by a capital “UCK”.

Of the plethora that I tried, only the NJoy King (not to be confused with the OneJoy or simply NJoy) packs the necessary punch to convince the largest number of people that: There might be something to this new vaping thing that everybody is talking about!

“Equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes!”<- Lie

Contrary to what one might think, they are very expensive little devices. 10$ for more or less 1ml of e-liquid is outrageously expensive when compared to the vast amount of juice vendors out there that will charge you about 10$ for 15ml of liquid.

If you are a pack a day smoker, there is no way in Hell, not even in Heaven, let alone in Sweden (?) that they’ll last you a full day: This is an outright lie! False advertisement on the part of the disposable industry that serves no other purpose than appealing to their potential customers.

With their disposable batteries they are not the “greenest” way to vape and with their ridiculously high price point they are certainly not a sustainable alternative to smoking. But their wide availability makes them an easy way for the new comers to experience what vaping can potentially offer.
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