Mooch's Recommended Batteries

You are responsible for your own safety!

These batteries are designed, manufactured, and sold only for use in a battery pack with the proper protection circuitry and battery management system. They were not designed for vaping (electronic cigarette) use or for use without protection circuitry. Use of these batteries is AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Misusing or mishandling lithium-ion batteries can pose a SERIOUS RISK of personal injury or property damage.

  • Only buy batteries from a known, trusted vendor of genuine batteries.
  • Never use a battery, charger, or device that is not in perfect working order.
  • The plastic battery wrap and top insulating ring must always be kept in perfect condition to prevent short-circuiting of the battery which can result in the battery bursting.
  • Never exceed the battery's continuous discharge rating (CDR) or charge rating.
  • I am not responsible for any damage or injury sustained by anyone using this information to select a battery.

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Mooch, what applications for the 10A battery? I'd evade it since everything over 10w is too much for that battery. For the most part I have almost all for different applications (use the 30A for the 200 mods, the 25A for the 100+ mods and the 20A for the 30/80 lot). So I buy the biggest capacity possible of each battery and do a lot of research.
Thanks so much for the post!
Hey Mooch,
I was looking for more info on the 14500s and couldn't find much. What do you suggest besides the AW IMR 14500?
I haven't tested any 14500's yet so I don't have any to recommend but the AW's have been good batteries in the other sizes.
Hi Mooch. May I suggest in the next version of this graphic to group 18650s by max current instead of sort alphabetically? For example, higher current on the left, higher capacity on the right?
Thanks for the suggestion!
I think that becomes problematic in some scenarios. It would get confusing, essentially looking random, in the middle of the table. There are so few batteries in the table that, I thought, it would be easy to scan. Not so? Perhaps horizontal sorting instead of vertical?

The ratings, both mine and the company's will be described more clearly in the next release of the table though.
Hi Mooch. Bit of an old-timer coming back into this and do not trust myself to do the due-diligence - so I'd greatly appreciate your insight if you'd be so kind :confused:

I use a regulated mod that takes a single 18650. I usually wrap my coils between 0.5 and 1.3 ohms. So far, I've been using those purple Efest 3.7v/35A/2500mAh but after reading this thread i'm not sure if they're the safest and/or efficient way to go about (i do tend to notice the drop super early).

Are the LG Mj1's a better option? Any insight and/or recommended replacement batteries would be greatly appreciated. I hope you don't mind the hijack.
@Kurgan, if you vape at under 75W the HG2 or 30Q is a fantastic choice. That Efest is probably, hopefully, a 20A battery and could also be used at up to 75W (if it is indeed a 20A battery).

The MJ1 is a good battery but the HG2 or 30Q actually give you more vaping time if you're above 20W or so due to the greater efficiency of the HG2 and 30Q.
Hey Mooch great list!!!
I've been using dual Panasonic NCR 18650B's in a DNA40 box mod at under 10 watts on a 0.9-1.5 ohm coils. The battery life is incredible.
What would be the max wattage I could in use this configuration?
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Hi Mooch, thanks for everything you do for us.

We have three different type mods that use 18650s: eLeaf Picos, Vaporesso Targets, and Kanger Subox minis. We don't use them much as my mom prefers the eLeaf 40W with built in batteries because they are lighter. We use Kanger pre-made coils most of the time, though I've been using a Guardian with the new fancy coils a bit.

However, the time will come when we will need to start using the others. I'm going to switch now to save the 40W for her.

Would the Sony VTC6 be appropriate for our devices? My mom sometimes accidentally jacks up her wattage without realizing it; I'll get home from work and she'll be upset because her vape is warmer than she likes and she can't remember how to turn it down. I lock her in at 20-30 W, but sometimes she unknowingly presses the buttons just right to undo the lock and skyrocket her watts.

Thanks! I don't want my mom to blow herself up and I don't really understand batteries.
Since I don't understand everything I read about batteries, would you mind telling me which one would be best for our situation? I don't mind spending more if doing so ensures my mom is happy and safe.
The VTC6 if you are not going over 75W. I don't know the maximum power setting of all of those mods.
You can also use the Samsung 30Q or LG HG2 if the VTC6 is hard to find.
She only goes over 20 or 30 by accident; I rarely go over 30 Thanks for the advice, sometimes she accidentally gets up to 75 on the target. Nothing else in the house gets up that high. Thank you!
Hello and thank you for all the time you take to test and make this information available to us Mooch. Much appreciated.

I currently like to vape between .20 ohm's and .60ohm's and use anywhere from around 30w to 80w. I'm also using a dual battery mod (Sigelei Fuchai 213). I rarely go as high as 80w but I do have the pre-heat feature set to 70w for .50sec atm and normally just have it set to 47w normally. I'm also using the Efest batteries 18650 3.7V 2500 mAh 35A and don't feel comfortable using them in this mod. With all the clones and bad batteries I was happy to find the info you have provided here. Thanks again for that. So my question is, would you say it's safe to use an LG HE4 or a Samsung 25R5 for my intended use or should I be looking into batteries with at least 25A? I was also looking to find a chart that shows how many amps a battery should be used for what ohm coils you use and at what wattage you use. I like the 2500 mAh capacity because it last me a good amount of time before needing to charge them, 3000 mAh would be great as they would last longer between charges. Also, should I have a set of batteries with higher amps for when I like to build dual coils and vape around .20 ohm's? I guess to make things easier, would a 3000 mAh 20A battery be fine for the wattage and ohm's I use? Sorry if I'm confusing, just want to make sure I'm being safe. Seems that some of my preferences are at the limits and I should be using two different batteries for my vaping. Thanks in advance for your help.
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