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Redneck DIY Juice Tool Kit

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Here in the trailer park we don't need no fancy stuff to make a batch of squeezins or ebaccy juice. Ya'll need to get your own source for the VG, PG (no that don't mean pregnant) and flavors.
For a simple recipe, I want a 50/50 base of 18mg sauce. I start with 36mg PG and 0mg VG. Buy a bottle of that fancy overpriced stuff at the swap meet in a 10ml size. 15 if you have to but you need that smart kid next door to help with the math.
Get yourself a fist size jar. Pimento spread is good if you don't bend the lid. Maybe jam or olive jar but not too big for now. Turkey baster. Glass is better cuz plastic might melt. Glass or metal tray. Maybe that serving platter that you never use, that tray that goes under the gravy boat, any bake ware you don't care about. A sharpie or magic marker, permanent type. Or ugly nail polish with a fine brush. Empty juice bottles in 10ml, 15ml, 30ml sizes. Yes clean em out first with hot water. The pointy cap comes off. Leave it off but save it for now. Rubber gloves. Distilled water like you put in the steam iron. A clean new syringe from that relative or neighbor or buy one at the drug store that is marked in .5ml up to 3ml.

Ready? Everything in the tray? At least the jar, VG, PG, empty 10ml bottle. Next to the sink?

Use the turkey baster to draw up some vg. Fill the empty 10ml bottle to somewhere below the neck. Empty the turkey baster. Clean it out. Suck up the VG from that 10ml bottle and block the tip of the baster so that VG don't run out. Look at where the VG tops out at on the tube. Mark a line. That is our 10ml mark. Put the VG in the jar. Clean the baster. Get the gloves on and draw the 36mg PG up to the same mark, put that in with the VG. Clean the baster. Cap the jar and shake. You now have 20ml of 50/50 VG/PG at 18mg strength.

I use a flavoring that is usually 1ml per 10ml. I take a 15ml bottle, with the syringe, I draw 1ml of flavor and squirt into the 15ml bottle. Take your 50/50 mix and draw up to the marker on your baster. Squirt that into the 15ml with the flavor. You now have 11ml of juice at about 16mg strength. Shake well and let it sit for at least a day. I know you won't so at least a few hours. Watch a replay of a good NASCAR race while you wait. boogity boogity gotta love DW. Shake it again and give it a try in your clearo or whatever. Small amount at first. If it is too thick, add a few drops of distilled water. If it is too weak in flavor, wait a day and try again. Still too weak may need a .5ml shot of flavor and repeat. Each thing you add reduces the nicotine strength. If it is too strong flavor, take half out and put that in an empty 10ml bottle. Fill that bottle with your 50/50 mix to the neck. Try again. At some point you have to say good enough. At worse you give it away and start over adjusting the amount of flavor. Make a label with masking tape or a file folder label with the date, mix, flavor, and nicotine level.

Once you are comfy with this method, make more 50/50 base. Kinda like that chicken stock.

Each time you add something to the base, you weaken the nic level. My body don't know 18 from 16 from 14. The worse you will have this method is 18mg. You can make a weaker batch by getting some 0mg PG or changing the amount of 0mg VG but then you gotta do some figurin'

Hope this helps someone that thinks you have to have fancy stuff or a smart couzin to DIY.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear...

Update 4/26/14
Found some things to add to the arsenal.
Shot glasses. Good for soaking coils or mixing stuff. Bed Bath and Beyond has one marked in ounces, milliliters, tablespoons and teaspoons for around $3.
Rubber coated baby spoons. I have a few left over from the grandkids. Great spatulas for getting juice stuff outta stuff.
Nicotine level test kit. Less than $10 at Wizard Labs. Not only does it come with a cup to keep it in but has some 3ml syringes and blunt tip needles. Good for making coils or mixing flavors. Test your nic when you buy it and your mixes after.

Update 7/19/14
Tobacco Extraction at room temperature
Not much has changed in my arsenal. I read a thread in the DIY forum section for Cold Extraction of Tobacco
I went to a smoke shop and bought a 1.4 ounce pouch of roll your own cig tobacco. Shoved about two thirds (about one ounce) into a half pint Mason jar. Covered with PG and put the lid on. Checked it after a couple of days to add PG. Every week I would rotate the jar end over end to make sure it was all wet. Don't shake it. Let it sit in the medicine cabinet for 3 weeks. 4 is recommended but I couldn't wait any longer. I have a cone coffee filter. Wedge shaped so I don't know why the call them cone. A one cup plastic filter holder that sits on a coffee mug. Came from Starbucks years ago when I had to mail order before there was one on every corner. I also happened to have a couple of gold screen coffee filter baskets from coffee makers that don't work any more. I dump the tobacco and PG soak into the screen filter, placed over an unbleached paper filter, in the one cup filter holder over a heavy mug. Let it drain. The process is cheap enough that I don't worry about getting every last drop. Then I take a 60ml syringe (used for irrigation) and put about half a cotton ball down inside. Use a chopstick or something to push it down. Get a funnel. Find a way to support the syringe with a funnel into a jar, while you slowly pour the extract into the funnel. Too fast and the cotton will float and your juice will bypass the filter process. It won't all fit at once so be prepared to stop pouring and leave enough room for the plunger. Plunger the extract through the cotton into a jar. That's it. This extract does not contain very much nicotine or anything else other than the flavor of the cured tobacco. You can get nicotine test kits for less than $10 to be sure of what your final mix is.
Mix your extract with your base at 15-25%. Depending on lots of things, 15 might be strong or not enough. My first batch was good at 20% until it steeped a week, then it was too strong.
You can buy small amounts (one ounce bulk bags) of pipe tobacco from pipes and cigars dot com.
I found that a half pint makes a lot of extract so for my next batches I used 4 ounce baby food jars. I bought sweet potato because that shouldn't have any unpleasant taste or odor in the cap. I made treats for my dogs with it. Half a bag, half an ounce, fit well and then I used the same jar to store the extract in.
Have fun and check out different tobaccos. If it turns out to be terrible, let it steep longer or give it away. It doesn't cost that much compared to smoking.
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