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Unbiased Starter's vaping guide pt.2

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Cartos are a combination of atty and cart all in one. The kr808 was the first 2 piece designed ecig, but now a days almost every major batt has a carto option. So will be listing the type of carto themselves, if they are only available on a specific type of batt will note it as so.

Vertical coil carto- These are the triple og design cartos. The heating element runs up and down the inside of the carto. They are available in multiple forms, in multiple resistance levels. In 510 connections, you'll find them as low as 1.5ohms (to simulate higher voltage vaping). In kr808's they run usually between 2.0-3.7ohms. The reason we see this difference is the higher voltage output on the batts themselves. 4081's again come in the range of 3.3-3.7ohms, and thus far these are the only type of carto I've seen available for that model. E9 are in the same situation, and their cartos (sorry, had to mention them) average 3.2ohms in all my tests. On most regular sized cartos it's between 0.7ml-1.2ml of juice.

Dual coil cartos- Dual coils use two vertical heating elements running in parallel. For computer geeks, think of running multiple video cards at once. Their ohms are based off the combined power of the coils, so if you have 2 3.0ohm coils, it's equal to running a single coil at 1.5ohm. The major drawback to this set up is they are tough on batts. At 4.2v, a 1.5ohm dc will be pulling 2.8amps of power. The upside is they are harder to burn due to the increased heating surface area, and the fact each coil is technically a medium to high resistance. These are usually suggested for use on a fat batt and mods due to their extra current draw. 510 and Kr808 are the two connections you'll most commonly find for these. These come in multiple sizes, and can hold anywhere between 1ml-3ml's of juice.

Triple coil cartos- What you get when you add another coil to the dual. These are mainly for high powered 5v+ mods, so will not go too much into them because as of right now there is no mainstream 5v pv on the market. 510 connection is the only version I've seen thus far.

Ce2- These are dual coils with a twist, no filler. The heating coils sit on the top of the carto in a ceramic cup, with wicks dropping down into the tube to feed them. There have been plenty of reported issues with these cartos, people either love hem or hate them. When they work, provide excellent flavor and vapor, when they don't burn taste. Another found mainly in 510 and kr808. Between 1ml-3ml of juice.

Horizontal coils- The heating element actually sits at the bottom of the carto with the filler sitting on top of it. This leads to it's biggest asset and detriment. Burning the filler on these is near impossible, burning the juice is easy. These are kr808 cartos only as of right now, but should mainly be used on the new generation regulated versions. They average between 2.4-3.2ohms. Because the coil is packed in such a small area they produce a lot of heat (think again in terms of computer processors, as they've gotten smaller, they've also gotten hotter because the surface area has decreased). The problem with this is while they are good at providing a high th potential, they have the highest potential to mute the flavor of the juice. 1.2 ml's of juice is the average, very rarely have I seen one hold any more (1.3ml) or less (1.1ml).

Juice strengths-
There are so many articles on “you smoked this brand, and this many packs a day, so you should go with this mg of nicotine juice”. Why that is a good starting point, once again peoples individual chemistry comes into play. I know people who smoked 3 packs a day of Marlboro reds who could only vape at 4mg, and people who smoked half a pack a day of Capri menthols who needed 36mg to be happy. Everyone absorbs nicotine differently once you remove the other 4000+ chemicals in a cigarette. Suggest going with at least 3 different strengths when you start all across the spectrum (4mg-36mg usually is what most companies sell). Despite what is usually stated 1ml doesn't equal 1 pack of cigs. Most people average between 2ml's-5ml's a day, know plenty (including myself) who can go through as much as 12ml's a day.

The key thing to finding vaping nirvana is patience and a will to keep at it. It's rare to find someone who found happiness with their first kit and juice combo. If you truly want to use ecigs to get off the analogs, you'll find a way. The forum is a big help, in so many ways just as important as vaping itself. The support you'll find here is unmatched, emotionally and technical wise. Never be afraid to ask questions, or to branch out from where you started if the cravings come back. Use the vendor subforums if they have one to get answers to technical issues with their products the fastest. Don't buy into this is the best because it's new, or expensive, or shiny, etc. If it works for you, that's what truly matters. Be aware that when you first quit cigs you're not only going through the nicotine withdrawal, but all the secondary chems the cig companies have added to get you hooked. A very good friend of mine who helped me immensely when I started warned of the 3 week wall. He was right (something he's guilty of on repeated occasions). If you can get past that, you can get past anything.

Hope someone finds this helpful, any questions feel free to pm me.
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