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Well it's been a good few days

Published by tnt56 in the blog Just need to vent. Views: 150

Since my last blog I just wanted to remind myself that this can be done. Came down with the flu about 4 days ago. Yea I tried to smoke like I use to when I got sick but it just didn't work. It seems to me that the vaping is more pleasure and crave curving than the ole analogs. I'm not completly there yet but getting really close. This place is fantastic. I just need to find the toy I love and go with it. Got a tank ordered in the mail and I'll see what kind of difference it makes. I went from 3volts on the vmax to 4 volts and it made a world of difference in vape,. I can;t take it first thing in the morning but I still got my 3.7 volts to handle the morning thing. All in all I;m getting better at this (after the flu goes away) I love this new hobby and I really need to get back to tieing my bracelets for orders. After all it is getting football season. Wish money didn't run out so fast. Till next time.
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