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Yeah, No... these are toys.

Published by Quin in the blog Quin's blog. Views: 83

Just got my MVP and IGO-W in the mail yesterday. I unboxed them both late last night and turned the MVP on just to check it out.

I actually am vaping off both right now. Woke up and put one of the coils that comes with the IGO-W on it (this was an interesting experience... so glad that it came with two coils cus otherwise I wouldn't be able to try it out just yet. I just put one on).... kinda laughing because the photo on the website did not show a drip tip, so I bought an extra. Now I have three (I certainly prefer the shape of the one I bought over the other two I have).

And now I understand why people like dripping atty's so much. I got this dripper mostly so I could test the flavors I'm making, but the flavor output it amazing!
Considering I'm using primarily VG juice, the flavors I was putting together at times could be a little lacking in my clearomizers... but yeah, obviously, the dripping atty is bringing out those flavors in my juice - which is awesome. ^_^

So, as far as the buttons on the MVP... I do see what everyone's talking about, but I think it'll be alright for me (I have a little bit of a wonder... but after I've messed around with it for a bit, I think I'll figure out what's the best way (for me) to hold it).

Right now, I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. ^_^

And now I've got a little bit of everything... except I don't have a single cartomizer (I hear atomizers are generally better anyways, so... whatevah).

(Also, I stabbed myself right in the side of the finger with wire during this whole thing. Good job Quin.)
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