18500 Battery with eVic?

Discussion in 'eVic' started by Stylite, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. Stylite

    Stylite Senior Member ECF Veteran

    So I see a lot of people doing mini mods with 18350s so there's plenty of info on that, however, personally 18350s don't hold a long enough charge and I wanted something a little smaller than 18650s which are too big to bring around.

    So I went ahead and ordered an 18500 kit Siam Mod but I'm a total n00b with APVs.

    So I believe it's AWS batteries that have a great reputation... does it matter that they're button top and not flat top?

    Also... what would be the best recommendation for an 18500 battery with the most mAh that will last and not blow up in my face?

    I feel like I'm completely alone in wanting an 18500 battery with my eVic.

    Any help would be incredibly appreciated!
  2. Stylite

    Stylite Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Ah never mind, after some more searching I found some answers (boy, this forum is big...)

    However, still curious about more experiences from 18500 users. What is your favorite battery? How long do your charges usually last you?
  3. Stylite

    Stylite Senior Member ECF Veteran

  4. PeteC2

    PeteC2 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Stylite, personally I would NOT recommend the battery that you linked to. That is a generic no-name battery, and in fact, it is more likely than not that the mah rating is inflated...it almost invariably is on those knock-off/generic batts.

    I have a no name 18650 battery rated at 2800mah...it lasts no longer than my low cost EH 18650 2000mah batts, and far, far less than the Samsung 2600mah battery that comes with the eVic.

    Buy an AW, Efest, EH (lower cost but a quality battery) IMR battery and you will have a safer battery with more consistent performance.

    The eVic should use unprotected batteries, and the IMR with its safer chemistry is the best choice in terms of battery safety.
  5. JohnDaddyo

    JohnDaddyo Super Member ECF Veteran

    I'm a little afraid of batteries, I must admit. I have an evic and bought two 18650 3400mah Panasonics for it awhile back. I just discovered, although it was working, one of them was brow at the positive tip and punched in a bit. In the garbage. I like the 3400mah but, does AW IMR make one for the evic? Is that the very best battery? I too would not be looking for a cheapy just to save 5.00 :( I should add that although the info came from Orbotronic they said,"AW is a very good battery but, older chemistry"
    2014-02-07 20.14.24.jpg
  6. roffles18963

    roffles18963 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    IMR batteries are a safer chemistry, which makes them good in mechs because they have higher amp limits than the average Li-ion batteries. They are good to use in regulated mods, but because regulated mods (evic included) have built in safety, you don't really "need" IMR batteries for them. Button top batteries will work in the evic (AW IMR batteries and Efest button tops), but if you want to stick with flat top batteries, Efest IMR and EH IMR batteries are very good batteries to use. Of course you don't HAVE to use IMR batteries in the evic, but you can't go wrong with them.
  7. heateris

    heateris Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sanyo makes a decent 18500 battery. Joyetech is using the 16650 version for the eMode.

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  8. Stylite

    Stylite Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the info guys! I've been doing an immense amount of research lately (just recently built my first Mechanical Sub-Ohm Dual Coil RDA)

    I switched my order a bit on the Siam mod... Tomorrow I'm having an 18350 battery sleeve coming instead of the 18500... I'm moving more towards mechanicals but will use the eVic as a small portable vape for RBAs like my Kayfun.

    I bought an 18350 EFest battery and I have an 18650 EFest battery for my mod rated at 25A I believe and my Samsung 1860 that came with my eVic. Don't remember the amp rating on that one but I try and not use it with my Mechanical.
  9. JohnDaddyo

    JohnDaddyo Super Member ECF Veteran

    I KNEW I would get a reply AFTER I ordered my batteries! I ended up getting the same Panasonic green flat top, 3400 mah batts. I ordered the Orbotronic button tops a while back. Even though they were 18650, they did not fit the evic. Too fat. To justify the purchase I just bought an incredible flashlight recommended for those! LOL. I thought it was a 'No, NO' to put button top, protected batteries in a protected device like evic and Provari? I searched but could not find the AW IMR, flat top, unprotected, 3400mah batteries. Wow, that's a lot of specs for a battery!!
  10. ethermion

    ethermion Super Member ECF Veteran

    I got a 4 pack of the flat top green Panasonics from Amazon for like $30. Have been using them for several months. No issues so far. Vaping 9-10 watts. Sometimes get two full days on a single battery, which I like. A punched in tip sounds like mechanical abuse, or maybe a counterfeit from China, perhaps. Joyetech lists those Panasonics as an official option for the eVic, so I would think no particular worries.
  11. heateris

    heateris Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The 3400 mah pannys are perfect for the evic.

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  12. tearose50

    tearose50 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    JohnDaddyO --Just because a battery has a button on top does not mean it's protected!!!

    All the AW batteries we use in vaping do have button tops. The red versions are IMR/High Drain/Safer chemistry batteries. Provape recommends these, and only these, for the Provari.

    There are new batteries showing up all the time these days and words like hybrid connected to them. The red AW 18350 and 18490/500 AW's have been the best performers and no lies about the amp limits or mAh ratings. I haven't studied enough yet to see how the new sanyo is in comparison.

    I know I sure didn't like my efests. YMMV.
  13. Stylite

    Stylite Senior Member ECF Veteran

    What's wrong with EFest, out of curiosity?
  14. JohnDaddyo

    JohnDaddyo Super Member ECF Veteran

    " A punched in tip sounds like mechanical abuse..."

    What kind of abuse? I never hit them or, teased them. That covers physical and mental abuse. So, that only leaves...
    HEY! Now wait just a darn minute!!
    Never dropped my evic. What I an thinking is what I call power hitting. When the timer would get to 8-9 seconds, I would release the button and hit it again, Therefore overiding the 10 second cutoff :( Not sure if that is it but. I won't be doing that anymore!
    Just got these today!
  15. tearose50

    tearose50 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    The only Efests I noticed not performing as well as I expected for the stated mAh have been 18350's. They simply didn't last near as long as expected between charges and not nearly as long as any AW IMR I've used with similar mAh. I noticed it long before I read about it. Maybe it is inconsistent quality? I'm not sure, but I imagine the data is here on ECF somewhere.

    With the Efests it seemed I was changing batteries every hour or so and with the AW's more like 4-5. I've had the same experience with off brand/no brand IMR's -- lasting about 1/2 as long as I expected and also wearing out (not holding charge & time to be recycled) very quickly. Thus, I've found it cheaper to buy the better batteries. (I usually use regulated devices.)

    A couple of battery guru's (or several) have stated AW's the best in small sizes -- and at least one of them I know was no AW fan club member---but the actual tests and performance and consistency have continually proved it so. That was true until well into 2013.

    I haven't done a side by side comparison of the Efest 18650's and any other brand. After my experience with the 18350's I moved them to storage for back up. As always, YMMV.
  16. Stylite

    Stylite Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Finally got my Siam Mod for my eVic from Denmark.

    Here's the family + Specs...


    From left to right...

    Angel (The Reliable Traveler) - Halo Triton VV, Halo Triton Tank, currently filled with Halo "Tribeca"

    Vicky (The Relaxin' Homegirl) - Joyetech eVic w/ Siam 18350 Mod, Ehpro Kayfun Lite Plus, Currently filled with Seduce Juice "Snake Oil"

    Maxi (The Slutty Cloudwhore) - Ehpro Maraxus Clone, Modified Dual-Coil Sub-Ohm Nimbus, Currently dripping Suicide Bunny "Mother's Milk"

    I love them all dearly.

    I've been using an EFest 18350 in the eVic for about a half hour now at 3.8v... Puff counter is at 18 and says I have 782 puffs left (highly doubt that...) battery is currently at 98% seems good.
  17. ethermion

    ethermion Super Member ECF Veteran

    I was just guessing. Could also be recharger abuse. Also just a guess. Clearly something you do not want to see again, and you were correct to get it out of service.

    Was having great luck with the Panasonics, but now having a problem with fast drain. Not sure I blame the battery for that.
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