Airflow base ring for protank 2 + 3

Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand Forum' started by Oz Rudeboy, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. Oz Rudeboy

    Oz Rudeboy Full Member

    Airflow base ring for protank 2 & 3 in Australia
    Does anybody know why we Aussies can't buy these yet? Ghey are on the market in US, Canada and Asia, but $40 postage for 2 $5 items seems crazy! I bought the new airflow tank, best thing since canned beer, so why can't I buy the base ring, and turn my 2 wobbly protanks into airflow tanks?
  2. jaytee7

    jaytee7 Full Member has it on sale for $3.70 (US dollars) with free shiping. SKU:14001. Look on new arrivals page 2.
  3. jaytee7

    jaytee7 Full Member

    Mine turned up today. I can't believe what a difference it's made. Complete control from closed to wide open. You can find your preferred setting quickly and easily. Very well made and so cheap. It's transformed my Protank 2 into a very good atomizer.
  4. chesty

    chesty Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    and mine just arrived today too, I ordered some juice from mbv and threw in an air control ring.

    and even better news, I finally mastered the art of protank head rebuilding, stock heads and my old
    rebuilds both gave me a sore throat, I think others would call it a dry hit, but I'm not sure.

    Now it's silky smooth. so I can finally rid myself of the ego style with plastic T2 tanks and
    use the glass protank in my VTR.
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