Any Experiences about DB Puritank?

Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand Forum' started by cihansolakoglu, Oct 2, 2013.

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  1. cihansolakoglu

    cihansolakoglu Full Member

    Hi guys, anyone has DB Puritank, how is it?
  2. Mishy73

    Mishy73 Senior Member

    Yes, got one from Fasttech with my last order.
    It's good, doesn't leak, holds a TRUCKLOAD of juice, however, does tend to flood but I think that's more of a heavy juice issue. Must say it only does it with my heavier more viscous juices, so that could be an issue if you have that kind of juice frequently or as an ADV. I just avoid those juices now with that tank and have no issues.
    The smaller (evod type) attie is a little fiddly to clean but that's really nit picking.
    All in all a good sturdy glass tank.
    As with bottom coils, it's a cooler vape, unlike the Smoketech Glass Tank. The Smoketech does tend to get pretty warm pretty quickly I've noticed. The DB does not tend to get as hot as quickly. I do vape fairly heavily in bursts though so it could be a usage thing.
    Hope that helps.

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  3. Susaz

    Susaz Ultra Member

    It uses both evod and protank heads. If you feel it gurgly, turn it upside down and blow hard from the battery side. As the liquid goes down, pressure builds up and floods the coil, and having 5ml of liquid a huge amount of pressure can build up. Also you can open the clearo and it'll vape lighter but with less pressure inside. I like it much better than the Protank.
  4. Mishy73

    Mishy73 Senior Member

    Good advice Susaz. I'll try that with my heavier juices. I like it better than my protank II also.

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  5. BDUAres

    BDUAres Senior Member Verified Member

    I got a PuriTank today. I have been using Protanks for about a year, and have been rebuilding coils and wicking them with P&C cotton yarn lately, with great success.

    The flooding/gurgling is a common theme throughout this entire type of tank that uses these same heads. So far, for me at least, I have completely solved that problem by removing the flavor wick on a stock head and replacing it with some Peaches and Creme cotton yarn. The stuff is dirt cheap ( less than $2 for 120 yards) tastes fantastic, and anything from 6 cotton yarn "threads" (1 1/2 complete 4-strand yarn "pieces") to a full 2 pieces of yarn (8 strands total) in place of the original wick will completely solve the flooding.

    I vape up to 100% VG myself

    I took my PuriTank, simply popped in one of my rebuilt Protank heads, and the thing is great! No flooding, and so far exactly the same as my Protanks with the same head.
  6. cihansolakoglu

    cihansolakoglu Full Member

    I got one now, let see how it goes.
  7. DaveJ

    DaveJ Full Member

    Thanks for the tip BDUAres!

    This seems to be working for me, where everything else has failed! Using a 40% VG mix here.

    All of mine had such seriously consistent flooding issues I had seriously considered going back to carto tanks! :thumbs:
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