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Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by ConradM, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. ConradM

    ConradM Super Member

    I have very limited experience in vaping so take this with a grain of salt. I ordered an Aspire BDC from discountvapers based on PBusardo's review. I only have experience with 2 other tanks, the Kanger T3s and PT2.

    I can say without a doubt the Aspire destroy's either of those in almost every aspect. More flavor and a more constant vape. Which is something I struggle with, with the PT2. What amazes me is I can set the voltage on my twist anywhere and it doesn't burn. Just changes the flavor and or makes the vape warmer.

    The only downside is switching flavors. You can't directly wash and dry the wick so you'll get some old flavor for the first few pulls. Not a huge deal IMO. I'll def be ordering more of these.

    Oh and shipping from DV was prompt.
  2. wonner

    wonner Ultra Member

    Good review!
  3. Iffy

    Iffy Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member

  4. frosting

    frosting Ultra Member Verified Member

    Ooops, most certainly NOT like a Vivi Nova in that case! BDC should have been my hint there, fatigue is my excuse :p
  5. ConradM

    ConradM Super Member

    It's not just a clone. It's a bottom dual coil design. The coil is completely self contained so you don't get direct access to the wicks. You could take it apart, but I doubt you'd be able to put it back together.
  6. belsenj

    belsenj Senior Member

    Isn't the Aspire like a little mini carto tank at the bottom? If that's the case, then need to replace that to re-use it.
  7. Iffy

    Iffy Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Ummm, ya might try this Aspire head CLEANING METHOD.

    If ya'll try da method, I'd appreciate some feedback.
  8. eeevilyn.

    eeevilyn. Super Member Verified Member

    Thank you for posting your review. I was literally JUST looking at these and wondering about them.
  9. ConradM

    ConradM Super Member

    I love it. Just ordered 2 more. DV has the kits with 2 extra coils as well.
  10. Bawn

    Bawn Super Member

    all you have to do get rid of the old flavor and clean the head is let it soak in some vodka over night. rinse with some hot water blow it out, let it dry for a bit good to go. head is brand spanking new again.

    and yes i agree the aspire blows any bcc clearo out of the water as well as top coil designs, i have tried them all.
  11. ConradM

    ConradM Super Member

    Thanks for the cleaning suggestions guys... I'll give those a shot.
  12. Bawn

    Bawn Super Member

    the vodka method is very easy and you will be surprised at what a good job the vodka does at whitening everything back up and cleaning it up.
  13. tnt56

    tnt56 Vaping Master Verified Member

    Can't compare. The Aspire is a BDC and the Vivi Nova is a top single coil. But not to shabby IMHO.
  14. Qball6

    Qball6 Full Member Verified Member

    Thanks for the review. I planned on getting one when they come in at my local shop.
  15. toddrhodes

    toddrhodes Super Member Verified Member

    I bought two Aspire BDC mini novas and some spare heads on a lark, on the recommendation of my COO (who I started vaping over a year ago :)). They are, in a word, amazeballs. Great vapor, terrific flavor, and affordable. They don't leak, they don't flood, they don't dry hit... if I wasn't into RBA's they'd be my go to vape no doubt about it. Even still, I bought 3 of the full Vivi Nova types and have vaped the hell out of them. Doing so right now actually!
  16. ConradM

    ConradM Super Member

    This is crazy... I'm vaping some RY4 mixed with a bit of menthol. If I crank the voltage up it brings out the menthol. I can totally tailor the flavor all the way up to 4.8 with no burning.
  17. B1sh0p

    B1sh0p Super Member Verified Member

    I just dropped mine today and the 510 connection snapped off the base. (MVP didn't have a scratch) Serious bummer. I had to break out the Protank 2 again, and man, it's horrible.

    I don't bother cleaning heads when I change the juice. The taste of the old juice is always gone after a few vapes anyway. I got about 3 weeks from my first head and I'm good with that for $2. I did dry burn it and rinse it in hot water for a couple minutes when it was obvious the coils were bunked though.
  18. ConradM

    ConradM Super Member

    So, I brought my PT2 into work with some TVC cran apple in it so I could have something to hit at my desk. (I chain vape the RY4 outside) The PT2 is horrible after using the Aspire. I feel like I'm getting no TH with it. The 2 aren't even on the same level as far as clearo's go. Probably going to clean it out and put it back in the box tonight.
  19. wonner

    wonner Ultra Member

    I feel the same way about the PT3s that I tried. Didn't take long before they were back in the box.
  20. ConradM

    ConradM Super Member

    Hmm, something I didn't think about... My battery doesn't last as long with the dual coil. Had to steal my wife's battery!
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