Best portable RBA?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by mrmonday, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. mrmonday

    mrmonday Full Member

    Hey ECF this is my first post here but I have been lurking a bit. I am building my first mech mod and I need an RBA that won't leak the way RDA's and genesis style atomizers do. To my knowledge that narrows me down to kayfun style atomizers (kfl+, r91, taifun gt, aqua), or a carto tank and rebuildable carto (eg. ibtanked and killer 705). I can't spend more than $50 on the atomizer so if I want a kayfun style atomizer I will have to get a clone. I was about to purchase the ehpro kfl+ for $35 but I heard that it has a very tight draw and am now rethinking my decision. I would prefer a r91% clone over a kfl+ clone because I have heard that the r91% has a more open draw and the mod I want does not have airflow around the base of the 510 connector so the airflow control on a kfl+ would be useless. I have not seen any r91% clones, only kfl and kfl+ clones so if you know of one or have suggestions of a better portable rba under $50 please let me know.
  2. *deleon517*

    *deleon517* Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I think you are pretty spot on. now with the kfl and 91% you may still get some leaking if its upside down.
  3. mrmonday

    mrmonday Full Member

    I probably won't have the device upside down but I will have it lying sideways in my backpack and I wouldn't want it to leak. I have pretty much decided on a kfl clone, but are there any clones that have a more open draw than the ehpro kfl+
  4. brickfollett

    brickfollett Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    My Pyrex RSST has never leaked. Sure it gets a bit of juice in the head piece just from the snap crackle popping but nothing major. I do a hollow 500 mesh wick and leave the fill cap on. As I vape, the juice feeds up the wick and air goes down the hollow wick and bubbles come out of the bottom of the wick. I am totally comfortable leaving it sideways, but when I do, I just don't leave the intake hole facing down.

    Also, my intake hole is 5/64, substantially larger than stock


    So if mine were to leak, it wouldn't just leak. It would pour.

    The original RSST top cap was a bit of a loose fit, but the new Pyrex RSST has a nice snug fit.
    at 35 bucks its worth it. And if you want an open draw? 5/64 intake hole is just sublime on the RSST. Flavor isn't diminished (and I dilute my juice with probably 30-40% distilled water) and the vapor production is absolutely incredible with a 2.4 ohm microcoil

    Edit: I have a Russian 91% and I've done several builds on it. Most of them I've had have either flooded and therefore leaked, or had some NASTY dry hits. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe my cotton is subpar (I haven't bother to boil it or anything yet). RSST is just simple for me
  5. santoki

    santoki Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    tobeco makes a r91% clone, however, its not a 1:1 clone of the russian 91%...the airflow hole that gives the russian 91 better airflow (the bigger hole) on the tobeco clone, the big hole is actually the airflow control basically not really different airflow wise than the ehpro kfl+ clone.

    between the ehpro and tobeco clone, i prefer the ehpro clone-performance is about on par with the tobeco clone, but seems to have noticeably better quality control. (currently my tobeco clone has been delegated to a dripper to test juices, my ehpro was 'stolen' by my roommate, and im rotating kfl+ v2 and my russian 91% between flavors).

    that being said, as far as your concern about leaking, i've had no leaking issues with any of them (upside down, sideways, etc), though i wouldnt recommend a full clear tank section-i have a full clear tank/top section that likes to seperate from being knocked over on my desk. no issues with the standard 3 section tank, and no issues with the clear tank on a metal top piece, just something to note that i've found in my own experience.

    the only time you may get some leaking that i've observed is if you pull too hard (assuming everything else is set up correctly) since that will cause your inner tank section to fill up with juice, and when tipped upside down, the excess juice may leak out of the drip tip. there is a cue that is occuring when you start getting gurgling.
    /edit-the included drip tips have a tiny draw hole, so that actually also helps retain juice from leaking out, but also makes for a tighter draw
    interesting side note-the russian 91% seems to have a secondary 'juice catcher' in the drip tip area-the screw in tip as well as the 510 adapter piece it comes with dont sit flush with the top and leaves a small gap that seems to further prevent leaking from chimney section by collecting juice. one caveat however is that it also likes to spit juice if there is excess in that well area and needs to be drained/wiped off.)

    almost forgot to mention-there is a slight...i wouldnt say leaking issue, but with the kfl+ and ehpro clone, the fill screw is recessed and has an oring on it, whereas the russian and tobeco dont. this means sometimes u will find moisture on the bottom of the russian/tobeco when you take it off the pv...not that much or enough to cause any type of leaks that i've found but may be of interest to you.

    for draw ratings, i would rate it as:
    1.)russian 91%
    2.)kfl+ v2
    3.)ehpro clone
    4.)tobeco clone

    between the ehpro and tobeco though, its not really noticeable.
  6. 1wildman

    1wildman Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Have never had a dry hit on my Russian 91. It is worth the extra money to get the real deal. It is such a great device and will last a long time. Looking at getting a kayfun now. I would not recommend a Genny as you have to tip to drip and they will leak if laid down or tipped upside down.

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  7. Nemesis18

    Nemesis18 Full Member

    I like the EHPro KF3.1. Like the original, it has an overflow tank which helps prevent leaks but also has an easier refilling port (screw tightened). I've only ever had it leak (even then only slightly) when going from different extremes of temperature and/or pressure. i.e. hot to cold and vice-versa, or up and down a high enough place that would cause my ears to pop. However, I believe almost all, if not all, RBAs/tanks would be prone to such issues.
  8. mrmonday

    mrmonday Full Member

    Thanks, I am pretty much trying to decide between the ehpro and tobeco kfl+ clones now. I have been watching vapestars reviews of both and the tobeco is definitely better in some ways when compared to the ehpro. The ehpro has problems with the fill screw protruding not allowing the atty to sit flush. Also the ehpro doesn't have a standard size drip tip which is really annoying. I know there are different versions of the ehpro kfl+ because vapestars reviews two different ones, one comes with a drip tip adaptor and a recessed fill port but the other version doesn't come with the adaptor and has a protruding fill screw. Also in vapestars comparison of the tobeco and ehpro he says that the tobeco has a more open draw. Based on what vapstars said I would go with the tobeco but everyone on ECF is saying the ehpro is much better quality. The ehpro I am looking at is on congrevape and it has the vapestars review linked but you can see it is the inferior version, such a hard decision.
  9. brickfollett

    brickfollett Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I respectfully disagree (see my above post). As long as my fill cap is on my RSST I've never had an issue. It actually wicks worse without the fill cap (go figure) and the vapor production is a fraction of what it usually is without the fill cap on. Something about my hollow builds with 500 mesh just works and works. and doesn't leak. Maybe I'm just lucky though
  10. emus

    emus Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    My go to pocket carry is IGO-F and a syringe tip 10 ml bottle of juice; tasty vapor and never had a leak.
    Another favorite pocket carry is AGT beauty and bottle of juice; tasty vapor and no leaks if you know how to treat her.
    I have pocket carried Aqua but not as easy to refill and bigger than I prefer.
    I used to pocket carry FT cobra but it has been collecting dust this year; looks kinda junky.
  11. pt91

    pt91 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I am a stickler for non leaking rbas and I can tell you that if you want one that absolutely doesn't leak get one with filler if you fly with it. If you don't fly (pressurized setting) you have more options.
  12. Nemesis18

    Nemesis18 Full Member

    What's filler?
  13. mrmonday

    mrmonday Full Member

    I really need to have a tank because I don't want to carry around a bottle all the time.

    By filler are you referring to something like the gp spheroid?

    Also any input on the tobeco vs ehpro kayfun clones? Has anyone tried drilling out these clones? Is it difficult? Is anyone else trying to decide between these two?
  14. pt91

    pt91 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    spheroid and heron are the most popular. Ukraine mods as well. Both great and not affected by gravity or pressure if done correctly. Others work fine if not pressurized. Ithaka, Penelope 2, etc.
  15. pt91

    pt91 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I tend to think of pvs/attys like I think of cars. No one best. I have one for the snow, one for fun, one everyday.
    One for home is easy. If it doesn't work as it i should I can grab another and figure it out latter. When on the road I always have a back up. When traveling domestically I have other requirements. When traveling Internationally I have other requirements. Nothing is perfect but somehow I stay off the cigs if I plan ahead.
  16. mrmonday

    mrmonday Full Member

    Unfortunately all those are out of my price range of $50.
    I think I am going to try to snag an ehpro kfl+ when it comes back in stock at 101 vape and if it is too tight of a draw I will drill it out.
  17. brickfollett

    brickfollett Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    If its a KFL + it should have adjustable air flow. I think the intake hole is somewhere between 1/16th" and 5/64"
  18. mrmonday

    mrmonday Full Member

    Yes it does have adjustable airflow, but the port is on the bottom of the rba and I am using an atomo v2 clone which will not give it any airflow since it will be flush mount. I was about to pull the trigger on the ehpro kfl+ from vape royalty but at $50 I am considering spending the extra $40 to get the more open draw of the russian 91%. Thoughts?
  19. brickfollett

    brickfollett Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Unless your clone is a much different design than the standard kayfun/kayfun clone, the intake hole is on the side, on the bottom of these devices. the airflow does not come from the bottom of the mod at all, and the device your using should not in any way affect the airflow. the fill hole however is on the bottom of these devices. I really like the Russian 91%, I have one. It really is a beautiful piece, and easy to build, just not for me. Not sure if this is allowed on the forum or not, but if you are interested removing it from my possession, shoot me a PM
  20. Araxian

    Araxian Full Member

    I have 2 favorites that even throwing them loose in my vape bag they haven't leaked, hcigar kayfun 3.1 best kayfun clone out there did research for a good while its a 1:1 clone very nice. The other is new winsmoke squape clone the best rta Ive seen, its actually better than the original, pyrex tank, e-matel deck different anodized process for the bell/chimney so it doesn't scratch as easily. I hate to say it but it is better tan my kayfun, even though I love my kayfun, lol
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