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Bloog Q&A

Discussion in 'Bloog' started by Vaan, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. Vaan

    Vaan Moved On

    Oct 24, 2012
    New York City
    Hello ECF,

    As a relatively new member of the Bloog team (joined in early 2011) and as somewhat of a 'Jack of All Trades" I've had the opportunity of working closely with various arms of the company. This includes marketing, customer service, and working closely with Leaford on developing new, innovative products.

    Although I'm new to the Electronic Cigarette Forum, I want to make myself available to all those who have any questions at all regarding Bloog - whether it's about usage, new products, website-related issues, or anything else.

    Additionally, along with Leaford, I will be encouraging all to participate as much as possible in conversations that impact the direction of our company. We want everyone who uses Bloog to have a voice, and I will make sure it gets heard, not just on the forum but in company meetings. This means we'll be presenting new ideas that you can weight in on, opening up new contests with Bloog prizes, and conducting votes on new flavors, product features, etc.

    On that note, I sign off on my first posting.

    Fire away with any questions or concerns, and happy Blooging!

    - Vaan
  2. pmos69

    pmos69 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 19, 2011
  3. trichman

    trichman Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 8, 2010
    Welcome Vaan and thank you for stepping into this role. A little communication goes a long way!
  4. Jimmymustang06

    Jimmymustang06 Full Member

    Apr 24, 2012
    Southern Illinois
    Hi..the wife and I started with Bloog at the beginning of the year...I'm now a distributor with17 customers, and that's without even trying..I have a full time job and sell supplies from a converted laptop case and take payment via Square.. I love Bloog products and next year, with some luck, I'll open a part-time brick and mortar store only selling bloog..I'm staying away from the more advanced stuff for now because all of the smokers I've converted like the convenience of the KR to the questions/comments.

    Create a cleaning kit..I've had more than a few customers let their threads get dirty and then suffer charging problems..I know it's simple to clean them but some people would take better care if they believed they are using something "professional".

    Don't ever run out of Red, or come up with a similar flavor to lower the demand for Red. I know its popular, its's almost the only liquid i vape, the same for some of my customers. When I can't supply it, folks go-a-shoppin. I don't want them doing that. Bloog has been out of Red now for a week and this isn't the first time this year.

    Develop a soda flavor, they seem to be popular.

    Tone down the coffee, or offer a second variety.. I loved it when I first started, now I cannot stand the smell, neither can anyone I sell to. It's just too sweet, smelly..just too much.

    Make a charging case in the same geometry as a pack of cigarettes, with room to carry 2-3 carts... Smoking is a lifestyle, for some it takes a bit of willpower to switch to electronic. Lets make the switch as easy as possible.

    Experiment with 2 favors that compliment each other during the day, then sell carts of those favors in a pack..most folks I know, and me, like to vape one flavor in the morning then a different one in the afternoon.. E-cigs have many advantages over trad. cigs, exploit all of them.

    Thanks for a wonderful product.
  5. Vaan

    Vaan Moved On

    Oct 24, 2012
    New York City

    First of all, it's great to hear how well you're doing in distribution! Our distributor network is a very strong one, and we strive to support it as best as we possibly can. Your feedback to that end is incredibly valuable, so thank you very much for reaching out with your input.

    A cleaning kit is, in my opinion, a great idea. It's something we've kicked around before, but we have never ruled it out, and I think it deserves more exploration. I will make sure that this idea gets brought up again, because - as you rightly point out - keeping Bloog supplies maintained extends the life of the components and makes for an overall better vaping experience with Bloog. In the meantime, as I'm sure you've done to a certain extent - you can recommend to your customers that they clean the threaded ends of the batteries with a damp (but not too wet) q-tip. The same should be done with the threaded end of USB chargers, so that they don't accumulate too much gunk. Many times when a customer thinks their charger / battery doesn't charge anymore, its just that they need to clean it out.

    We're always in the process of developing new flavors, and a Soda option may be a good one. I will make some suggestions to that end, as well as see what we can do about the coffee flavor.

    The traditional-cigarette-pack-looking charging case has also often been a point of consideration. Without giving away too many details, I will say that Bloog is developing new charging cases, and the cigarette-pack look is one of the options on the table.

    I'm also very intrigued by the idea of a 2-flavor pack (if I understand you correctly, this is what you meant). Rest assured this will be a topic of discussion in the near future.

    Thanks again, Jimmy, for your input. Know that your voice and opinions mean a lot to us, so I encourage you to remain actively in touch! And best of luck with everything on the distribution side of things.

    Happy Vaping!
  6. Coiso

    Coiso Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 28, 2011
    Welcome Vaan, thank you and btw, i agree with jimmy. :vapor:
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