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Blu cigs really that bad?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Chims, Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. Chims

    Chims New Member

    Oct 23, 2011
    Are they really that horrible? I ordered one without doing research (will be my first ecig) and am probably going to be too lazy to return it. As of right now I'm not really planning on quitting analogs completely but only cutting down. I generally smoke every couple hours and have access to a power outlet the entire day unless I'm out at the bar but in that case I'm not sure I would be using it anyways as I doubt I would like to use it while drinking.

    So my main question is provided that one battery lasts one cartridge or 2 I don't think battery Life would be an issue. I mean if a cartridge is close to a pack at all and I have to recharge after every pack or switch to the backup battery I am fine with that. I have learned I need to unscrew it so it doesn't go off by itself.
  2. Kazoo

    Kazoo Full Member

    Oct 15, 2011
    San Antonio Texas
    First off let me say, WELCOME! The world of vaping is awesome man, honestly once you start you will not want analog cigs even when you drink!

    I was a pack a day smoker and like you just wanted to cut back, so I did the same thing and got a blu. I loved it! It completely satisfied my nicotine cravings. But yes it does suck. The Blu activates very easily. If you go to a concert make sure you unscrew your cartridge when not using it, it will activate from the sound alone! Not only that but I didn't really like the flavors, classic tobacco was ok, menthol was a joke, I never got far enough to really try the other flavors. As to the battery life, ugh... I had to change out batteries every 30-45 minutes. One battery WILL NOT last for one pack of smokes! Each cartridge from the blu will probably last a pack a day smoker about a day and half... maybe.

    After the Blu i got a nice standard 510 kit with a PCC, that was my favorite part of the Blu. It was great, but still not quite enough for me, so I got an ego clone. Now I smoke about 3 cigs a day and the rest of my day is filled with vaping pleasure!

    Now I want to completely quit analog cigs because honestly, THEY SMELL LIKE CRAP!!! Now if my wife has a cig before waking me up in the morning, I wake up and go "UGH!!! you smell woman!"

    Get your blu, if you can afford it keep your blu! Try it out, see what you think, then get something better from there. Pass that blu on to a smoker friend who could benefit. I did it and my friend was 100% grateful for it! Completely made my day seeing him smile when I gave him my old blu, a pack of blank carts and a bottle of juice. Even his mom jumped in on it, she even offered me $.50 to refill the strawberry cartomizer i gave them! I said no thanks and filled her up anyway though lol.
  3. washvap

    washvap Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Apr 2, 2011

    Yes, the Blue, 51TRIO, and similar products are total ripoffs. Everyone at the ECF always try to steer people away from that junk. Even if you are just trying to cut down. There's better products that are out there that will give you a better experience that what your having now. Also, it's MUCH cheaper as well. For example, a Riva kit only costs 30 bucks after a 20% discount (located at the upper left side of the screen. You'll see it) here:

    Electronic Cigarette - Starter Kits - Riva 510

    A cart is basically ancient history now. No it's not even close to a pack of cigarettes. Might be one or two cigarettes at the most. The battery life (if it's like a 510TRIO) will last you an 1hr or 2 tops. Overall, I would recommend returning it and take this a learning experience. Get yourself something better and enjoy vaping a bit more.

    My recommendations:

    Riva Starter Kit
    Boge LR cartos from here:

    Crystal Clear Vaping

    20 bucks for 15 cartomizers. Free shipping, syringe (for filling but, it's not needed), and a drip tip. So, you'll be spending 50 bucks on equipment alone. Which is more than likely cheaper than your blu kit.

    Some suggestions on e-liquid suppliers:*-PV-Liquid-_-E-liquid-_-E-juice.html?sessid=05s4EoGgW7eXfFgHO0OJ6ErUQ2eN05kNmcYby0UxKjZDF579Nz00ds270DU5DxoU&shop_param=cid%3D%26
    TopVapor USA E-Liquid

    Get yourself some 3-5ml bottles to try different flavors out. Fill your cartomizer with 25 drops. Let it sit for 30 minutes and your good to go.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Kazoo

    Kazoo Full Member

    Oct 15, 2011
    San Antonio Texas
    ok second guessing myself here, I like washvap's idea better... if you buy the setup he said you will still have $30 to buy juice, you can get about 5 10ml bottles of juice with that saved money!
  5. Mudflap

    Mudflap Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 19, 2010
    Tyler, Texas
    I would suggest returning it unopened, get your money back, and head to Walgreens and buy a Blu disposable for less than 10 bucks.

    If you like it well enough to buy something for regular use, there are much better options for your money. Good luck to ya which ever way ya go.
  6. Chims

    Chims New Member

    Oct 23, 2011
    Thanks for the replies! If they only last 30 minutes that might be rough for me. More or less I ordered it impulsively without research which was a bad move on my part. I will at least give it a try since I do have 30 days to return it. Plus the 70 I spent on it isn't a big deal to me since packs of smokes are $11 in Chicago. If it completely sucks I will probably get another kind of ecig.
  7. Vego

    Vego Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 19, 2011
    pittsburgh, pa
    It just may be my imagination, but it seems like when you first start off your research into e cigs, your google search leads you right off to all these "review" sites. They all tout the same few brands like: v2, green smoke, blu, smoke easy etc... I'm not sure, but now I'm begining to feel as if these sites are more advertisment than informational. Need confirmation on this.

    They led me to purchase a v2 kit. It wasn't until (after ordering v2) that I found all the great youtube reviews and began reading this forum that I was introduced to the real stuff like 510, joye, ego, kr808, tanks etc...

    Is it common knowledge that these 'review' sites are just gimmicks/advertisments for pushing cheaper brands? The v2 is pure crap compared to my eGo T! I'll keep it for emergency backup, but that's about it. I get the feeling alot of people make poor first decisions when entering the e cig market.
  8. leftfeild

    leftfeild Super Member ECF Veteran

    May 21, 2011
    One cartridge is nowhere near a pack or you'd likely die from a few puffs from an ecig.

    He's the deal:

    Each cigarette is roughly 10mg of nicotine and you absorb around 1mg of that. THAT is where the 1mg or so rating comes from on your cigarette package. It's the actual absorption rate.

    Now, for ecigs, they start off at 24mg being "high" nicotine content. So let's break that down. 24mg is 24mg per ml. There is roughly 20 drops per ml. That means there is roughly 1.2mg per drop in a 24mg eliquid. That is where the one cigarette per puff/one pack per cartridge comes from, right?

    But wait, scale it from 10mg of nicotine per cigarette before absorption and after. It was 10%. We STARTED with the 10% rate in the eliquid and it's been shown that we don't absorb all of the nicotine from ecigs. It's somewhere around 10% again. 0.12mg per drop absorbed, compared to the 1mg from a real cigarette, compared to the 10mg total actually in a real cigarette. You're not getting nearly as much as they say you are, so don't buy into it and listen to your body's needs of whether you're getting enough or not enough nic from an ecig.

    It's 10% of a real cig's nic content at "high" nic content, and you have to absorb less than the full amount again. Carts hold what, half a ml to a ml? That's 12mg to 24mg at best. Two cigarette's worth of actual nicotine before absorption. Where's the other 18 cigarettes worth for the pack? It's only because they work it off the pre absorption rate that they can say it's "20 cigarette's worth", but it's an outright lie.

    For one cartridge to truly contain 20 cigarette's worth of nicotine in it, it would need to have a staggering 200mg nicotine in it. (10mg per cigarette x 20). 200mg per ml, I wouldn't touch that with a barge pole considering 40 - 60mg of nicotine can kill you.
  9. ThatJoeGuy

    ThatJoeGuy Resting In Peace

    Oct 18, 2011
    St. George, UT USA
    I dunno...I started with Blu. I was looking for a smoking substitute, and I had seen banner ads for Blu all over the web. I had done a search or two and came up with those sites that Vego mentions.

    I ran out and picked up a couple Blu disposables, and decided I'd go for it after trying them. I bought the white Premium starter kit. Once it arrived, I read everything that came with it, did everything by the book, but still continued smoking. I was really getting frustrated at the short battery life but figured that if that was the cost of eventually being free from cigarettes, it wasn't too heavy a cost. So I ordered about 20 more pre-filled cartos to try and give it a fair chance. Now...the stuff that blu (and other companies) say about how one carto equals a pack...well, if that's the case then I must have unknowingly and miraculously gained the lung capacity of a hippo while vaping because I went from one pack of analogs every 24 hours to 2-4 cartos in the same period of time, and STILL wanted analogs in addition to the blu. Since the blu only came with 2 batteries, I would actually end up draining a battery before the second would be done recharging, which would send me to the store to buy smokes.

    I became fed up with blu when it seemed to take forever to charge those tiny little batteries, had at least one dud in 3 of the 4 packs of cartos, and got the runaround from their 'customer service' regarding the return procedures. There's a return form on the back of the packing slip, and it states that the WHOLE ORDER must be returned. But the whole order contained a variety pack of flavors, and they say that the cartos CAN'T be returned...but my whole order which must be returned contained items that can't be returned. So when I asked them about it, all I got back was 'that is correct, the complete order must be returned'. Anyway...lesson learned.

    I started seeing ads for V2, so I went to their site and checked it out and ended up ordering. More options, more flavors, prices were better than blu. And I haven't had an analog since the day my V2 kit arrived.

    Since then, I have found ECF, learned about (and got overwhelmed by) the amount of options that are out there in the vaping world, and am anxiously awaiting delivery of an e-Power, some tanks, different types of cartos, and a couple dozen different types of juices from several different vendors!

    While I regret the money I spent on Blu, I'm glad for the introduction to vaping. It brought me to where I am now, smoke-free and hanging out on ECF!
  10. Jerry B

    Jerry B Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 19, 2011
    Nashville TN
    IMHO i think the reason you see all those Blu ads are in part do to the fact that it looks like a analog. When people see something like a silver bullet or what have you they dont think analog. Personally thats in part why i like the mods. Currently my PV looks more like a cigar and while i love it i will upgrade as i get more into things.

    Now my very first e-cig was the blue as well, just the disposable one though. I would never have been able to quit smoking that thing, i wrote the company and ask what the nicotine level was (24mg). I can tell you this i certainly did not feel it, had you ask me i would have said it had no nic at all. The menthol had this werid chocolaty flavor to it and was very un satisfying. Onee thing the Blu did give me was a understanding of what vaping would feel like so i chose to advance forward. The one......and only think i can say positive about the Blu is i love that s....y marketing. It looked cool and the new recharging pack was wicked. I mean the thing lights up and vibes when your around another Blu user or store that sells refills.

    But let me tell you the Blu is the difference between night and day from other PVs. I am enjoying vaping so much now that in one day i turned my back on analogs and never went back. The Blue could never have made me give up smoking, but still its better than analogs.
  11. ThatJoeGuy

    ThatJoeGuy Resting In Peace

    Oct 18, 2011
    St. George, UT USA
    'Zakly! +1 on that.
  12. swedishfish

    swedishfish Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 28, 2010
    The blu is probably no better or no worse than other mini's. I think they're a registered supplier on this board. There are limitations to all minis, but some people seem to accept the trade off because the mini is most like a regular sized cigarette. Many people start with that and move on or a light smoker or someone that never smoked long or a lot may stick with it. If you only smoke a couple nights a week in bars, that might be a great pv for you.

    All mini's cost more than the ego that Washvap suggested. That's a setup where you get some value for your money. For about $70 or so you'll get a kit, cartomizers and enough juice to keep you going.

    I'm still using that exact same setup 8 months later. Worked for me.

    Edit: I don't see their name listed.
  13. Chims

    Chims New Member

    Oct 23, 2011
    I think having the look of a real cigarette is really important to me. Even with all the bad feed back I feel like I will give them a try. I can always upgrade later. Since analogs are so expensive here if I can get a weeks use out of it I actually already saved money but I will have to see how long these carts last for me. I will have 10 carts when it arrives and because I live in the city I can buy more carts from a store within walking distance.

    I was hoping to save money by using the cartomizers but it seems like using those would still be more expensive if a 5 pack equates to 10 analogs for $10.
  14. Twistedlemon

    Twistedlemon Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 2, 2011
    Tampa Area, FL
    I am very new to the world of vaping as well. I decided about a month or so ago to begine the exploration. As noted above, all the google searches I did led me to "rating boards" which had me down to selecting V2 or Blu. Then I remembered a friend of mine had switched to e-cig, so I got in touch with him (him in Ohio, me in Florida). He led me to the Joye 510, and said he was in the process of switching to an ego-t type B. He explained alot to me, then told me about this forum so I came here and searched and asked questions.

    1. Thanks to everyone here who replied with so much info initially as I was looking into things.

    I smoked for 27 years, with the past several being 1-2 packs per day. After the review from my friend, and talking with people here, I came across a local guy who sells the ego-t. His is a type A and a 650 mAh battery and was goign to run about $55. I was able to go to his place and try it, and decided it would work for me (although the juice he had me sample was horrible) So I came back here and asked questions again.

    I was led to Liberty Flights. (upper left hand corner of screen 20% off icon) and place my order for and Ego-T Type B with 900 mAh batteries. I included in my order 5 different bottles of juice (4 were 5 ml, one was 10 ml) and the total cost was just under $80.

    Since that time, I have had a small problem with one atomizer seeming to go bad. In corresponding with Liberty-Flights, Jaacob has been OUTSTANDING in solution based problem solving, has credited my account under the "trust" that I will send back the bad atty when my newest order arrives (I checked my account and he sure did just that), and of course I will certainly send the atty to him. I am also asking about cartomizers, and he recommends I try the BOGE (which I have also seen recommended here but I am seeking more info on them).

    Since this first order, I have ordered "juice" from and Mrs. T's Bakery, and have liked nearly everything I have gotten (from BMV: Blackjack Tobacco (180ml), Key Lime Pie (10ml), Cinnabun(10ml), Pina Colada(10ml), Rum and Cola (10ml), Belgian Waffle (10ml)and from Mrs T's (5ml each): Snickerdoodle Cookie, Cheesecake, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Kentucky Bourbon. BMV also sent a couple very small samples of Honeysuckle Tobacco). I will be ordering the Kentucky Bourbon and snickerdoodle cookie again for certain and likely the Turk-USA Tobacco from Liberty Flights that I got with my initial order) that I have rambled, the ego-t that I have looks NOTHING like an analog. When out with friends at the bar or playing cards it had drawn attention from them and strangers. Some say they wouldn't use it because of the appearance (end does not even light up) some are very curious and love the flavour variety. A couple get a kick out of watching me change tanks and/or flavours saying I look like a mad chemist. Either way, after 27 years, it has worked for me. Since the initial use, I have lit ONE analog and immediately threw it out due to tasting like total dung.

    Best of luck to you, and WELCOME
  15. FriedLiverAtack

    FriedLiverAtack Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 23, 2011
    California, USA
    BluCigs almost completely turned me off from e-cigs, I spent more time trying to figure out why they weren't working (battery or cartridge) and never could get a satisfying hit. If I hadn't ran into someone with a 510 who was happy with it I probably never have tried e-cigs again. I now have ego-t and I love it, never go back to analogs again.
  16. Morgan81

    Morgan81 Full Member

    Oct 18, 2011
  17. aidae

    aidae Full Member

    Oct 22, 2011
    akron, oh
    I have been on-off vaping for a while think i am sticking to it. To the op keep in mind it really is different then analog, most of the nic hits your throat. My gf cant give up on the analogs just solely because of that difference. Oddly she coughs from e-cigs but not from analogs
  18. saberhead

    saberhead Full Member

    Oct 12, 2011
    Seattle, WA
    Im fairly new to e cigs as well and was very tempted to buy the blu. I actually ended up buying Volcano instead, which is "supposedly" better than blu but honestly its the same thing. I dont know if the batteries are the same thing but they are seriously not that awesome. I love how they are super small and light like a real cigarette but I also hate the battery life. Smaller battery=short vaping sessions. I think my boyfriend can get 15-20 minutes off of ONE fully charged battery. I get like 30-40 mins. And charging one takes over an hour.....just...not very worth it for 70$!

    Well you've already ordered your blu so for the time being, if you dont want to return it unopened, try it while you search for something else :) A LOOOTTT of people have suggested to me the VOLT by smokelessimage. Honeslty the reviews and videos for it look freaking fantastic and I cant wait to order mine. Also the size is small like a real cigarette (slightly bigger) but the vapor is intense and the battery life is 2 hours for the smaller 65 mm ones and 3-4 hours for a 78mm.
    On a side note: I love the blu disposables so if you DO end up returning your kit, buy one of those at Walgreens, they are awesome and last over a day. I bought 4-5 of these while waiting for my Volcano and I totally quit analogs. I dont ever want to smoke again...e cigs are THAT effective.

    Remember they arent the same, and what sucks is that when you buy a bad product that doesnt produce a lot of vapor/flavor like the blu model cigarettes your increasing your chances of never quitting and switching over to vaping only. Get a good kit and youll be so happy!
  19. saberhead

    saberhead Full Member

    Oct 12, 2011
    Seattle, WA
    My boyfriend is the same. He cant switch over fully but hes mostly annoyed with the little tiny Volcano e cigs we bought. he definitely needs something heavier. Buying him a Volt this weekend <3
  20. trosper13

    trosper13 Full Member

    Sep 2, 2011
    New Haven
    I went for the Blu's for my first e-cig too, I think the next day after ordering I discovered this forum, crap. Oh well I figured I'd try them to get a taste of vaping. Well it really almost ruined everything, I actually did not mind the taste of the carts and they did have a decent warm hit but you would get about 5 of them and the battery would die and start its 30 blinks. And there is no way a cart can even come close to their stated 250 puffs/per. I think I got about 20-30 each but discovered you could re-fill them. The Blu went back (they refunded the unit price but not the 4 boxes of carts) but I can see the underlying appeal of it, if it worked, it looks nice has the charging case and is convenient. Again it is missing one thing - it doesn't work so good and is bound to frustrate real smokers looking for an alternative. It is probably good for teenagers looking to sneak a smoke in their bedroom.
    I moved on to 510s and egos and most recently to an Infinity Pro (with a Lil' Mama tank) which makes amazing vapor! I think all the tinkering; filling tanks, researching equipment and flavors etc. also adds to the distraction from analogs. Some people don't want to mess with all that and just screw on a cart to an automatic battery like the Blu - if only they worked.
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