Chantix misreports even more deaths

Discussion in 'Nicotine Replacement Therapy' started by James Wall, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. James Wall

    James Wall Senior Member

    I haven't seen this anywhere else on the forum so, let's see if I can get the link to work...

    Scores of smoking-pill suicides overlooked - Health - Health care -

    Okay, so here's the down and dirty of it as I understand it...Apparently the FDA has sort of a non-emergency, "no biggie" reporting system for "expected" side-effects that they don't put a priority on reviewing. Since killing yourself and others is apparently an expected side-effect of Chantix they didn't feel like it needed to report these sort of things in a way that would raise any red flags. Strictly speaking Pfizer followed the FDA's rules, it just prevented the fact that Chantix is more dangerous than was originally thought from coming to light earlier.
  2. Old Chemist

    Old Chemist Super Member

    I've come across the same news. In fact it's shocking. FDA supports Chantix despite of horrendous side effects - the same FDA wants to ban e-cigs... why? Just because. Hypocricy of FDA is enormous.
  3. Archer

    Archer Senior Member

    I tried the stuff a while back, made me sick.
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