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  1. Slo Ryd

    Slo Ryd Registered Supplier

    We have a lot of people asking us to continue to make Alpha parts. Just for clarification purposes, InnoVapor and Apex Vapor are two separate companies. We never made Alpha parts and unfortunately we have no control over it either.
  2. DownOnTheFarm

    DownOnTheFarm Full Member

    So, is Apex Vapor now Thermo Essence Technologies (TET), AKA thermovape?
  3. Slo Ryd

    Slo Ryd Registered Supplier

    To the best of my knowledge not exactly. Apex Vapor was the manufacturer of the Alpha electronic cigarettes, Tru-Flow drip tips, and Apex Vapor Atomizers. Thermo Essence Technologies was formed as an internet retail store (like InnoVapor) to sell a version of the Apex Vapor Alpha UltraMax device they called the T1. The T1 was designed for a different purpose than the Alpha UltraMax electronic cigarette and InnoVapor was not interested in selling that device. Apex Vapor stopped manufacturing all of their product line so TET designed a new multi purpose device called the Cera. My understanding is some of the original founders of Apex Vapor are involved with TET and some of TET is new people that were not part of Apex Vapor.
  4. DownOnTheFarm

    DownOnTheFarm Full Member

    Thanks, that explains some obvious similarities in design, as well as why TET has apex alpha reviews on their youtube.

    I really enjoyed my Ultramax--a beautiful, simple, and mostly sturdy mod, even if the atomizer connection threads wore out in a year.

    Too bad the cera seems to represent a move away from all these qualities, IMHO.

    Do y'all have any plans for offering another quality mod in the future?
  5. Slo Ryd

    Slo Ryd Registered Supplier

    Our tentative plan is to sell the e-liquid model of the Cera. I say "tentative" because we have yet to receive a test model to experiment with. Since TET pre-sold some Cera devices, they must first fill those orders before they will ship any to us.
  6. DownOnTheFarm

    DownOnTheFarm Full Member

    Cool. Looks like a lot of work was put into it.

    I'm finding myself a bit hard on my mods, so this doesn't look like one for me.

    Also, the fact that I can't buy replacement parts for a mod(that is less than two years old) from some of the same people doesn't inspire loads of long term-confidence--a pretty major issue when buying a pricey mod. I realize this is a rapidly-evolving industry, but still.

    I understand this is beyond y'all's control, and thanks again for clearing up the apex alpha issue.

    For the type of mod it looks to be, it could be pretty impressive if the company can support it long-term.

    If it works out, I hope you guys sell a bunch of them.
  7. vaptamist

    vaptamist Vaping Master Verified Member

    I should hopefully get my Cera sometime this week. However, I've said the same thing for the past 4 or 5 weeks now :p
  8. Slo Ryd

    Slo Ryd Registered Supplier

    Me too although I've been waiting much longer for mine.
  9. vaptamist

    vaptamist Vaping Master Verified Member

    I bet :(

    I ordered back in November, hopefully they fill the rest of those out soon!
  10. Slo Ryd

    Slo Ryd Registered Supplier

    We are both anxious to receive our Cera devices. From a retailer's perspective, InnoVapor is more concerned about the product being functional and reliable. Of course you (and everyone else that pre-ordered one) have the same expectations but you're the end user. As a retailer the last thing we want is to sell devices that become problematic. We would rather wait until all of the bugs are worked out then receive something that isn't right. TET knows this which is why I have not received mine yet. They also know InnoVapor has numerous customers waiting for our analysis before they make their decision to buy one. We are confident the Cera will be what we expect once we receive it. It's difficult to be patient but it's better than the alternative.
  11. gorman

    gorman Senior Member Verified Member

    I know a couple of people that bought an Alpha after trying one with AVA atomizer. Then, without notice, production stopped abruptly. Frankly, I find it hard to wish success to such a company (TET).
  12. Slo Ryd

    Slo Ryd Registered Supplier

    Products come and go along with the companies that manufacturer them and the stores that sell them, that’s just business. It certainly did not help our business when Apex Vapor stopped making the Alpha product line, but we’re still here. As a retail internet store, we’re not here to judge the integrity of the individuals that make up a manufacturing company. We definitely learned from our Alpha experience and with that in mind, we are moving forward with an open mind about TET and the Cera device. I recently received a Cera which I’m currently testing and I’ll go from there.
  13. whyanon

    whyanon Senior Member Verified Member

    Looking forward to your review.
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