Cleaning Copper Mods?

Discussion in 'Mechmods' started by Pandas, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. Pandas

    Pandas Full Member

    How do I properly clean copper? I have a copper Nemesis and I can't figure out how to clean it properly -_-

    What I did was leave it in hot/boiling water pretty much overnight, but it just made it worse :(

    Here are pictures:

    Here are the outside parts

    What it looks like on the inside

    Would just simply using alcohol swabs do the trick?

    Also, on a slight tangent, how do I remove the extension from the top contact pin thing (first picture, piece all the way to the right)? It's kind of stuck on there, and I can't use 18650 batteries until I figure out how to shorten the mod.

    Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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  2. Choc_Addic

    Choc_Addic Super Member Verified Member

    Cape Cod metal polishing cloths.

    But getting a metal polishing paste would be much cheaper.

    As for removing the stuck top, try rubber bands and channel locks. Be sure not to scratch or crush them.

  3. emus

    emus Vaping Master

    I've freed bound mod threads w/ masking tape and fingers.

    Soft metal polish will clean copper. I use silver polish.
  4. cramptholomew

    cramptholomew Super Member

    Bar Keeper's Friend!
  5. coalyard

    coalyard Super Member

    Acetic acid (vinegar). If you can find it a very dilute sulfuric acid solution (under 5% for your safety).
  6. Pandas

    Pandas Full Member

    Thanks for the advice everyone! :)
  7. bsoplinger

    bsoplinger Vaping Master Verified Member

    You can always use Brasso. Cleans all sorts of metal surfaces. As all things chemical, be sure to read and follow directions.

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  8. Jimi D.

    Jimi D. Vaping Master

    Tarn-x makes it look like a penny. No dirty mess left behind.
  9. Flt Simulation

    Flt Simulation Ultra Member

    The best metal polish your ever going to find (aluminum, stainless, copper, brass, silver, gold, pewter, etc)

    Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

    You can find it at AutoZone, Advanced Auto, etc

    ..... When the rag turns black .. The metal turns beautiful !


    BTW ... Brasso works good, but not as good as this ... FACT
  10. Ru83n

    Ru83n Full Member Verified Member

    This I agree I used it on a poliac and worked amazing

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  11. emus

    emus Vaping Master

    I might take your advice. I'm curious how it stacks up to my vintage silver polish plus I have some aluminum wheels that will need a future touch up.

    What mirror polished metals have you used it on? SS, brass, copper, aluminum?

    Does it leave a naked eye mirror finish w/ no visible scratches; provided it was mirror before of course. Not easy to rid those near microscopic scratches.
  12. megatronlite

    megatronlite Full Member Verified Member

    I use ketchup, then run it through an ultrasonic cleaner, and then dry it really good, and polish with a cape code cloth.
  13. Pandas

    Pandas Full Member

    For the time being, I decided to use ketchup until I have the time to go out and buy something better.

    I just want to get rid of the oil residue that's on the inside mostly, not make it super shiny (not that I mind :p)
  14. megatronlite

    megatronlite Full Member Verified Member

    I bought a container of cape code cloths on ebay for like $15 and one cloth I can reuse multiple times. I'll try to find the link.
  15. megatronlite

    megatronlite Full Member Verified Member

    link There's the link for the 12 pack.
  16. indytrucks

    indytrucks Full Member

    What I use too. [​IMG]
  17. DocHo11idaze

    DocHo11idaze Senior Member Verified Member

    Mothers is the nuts, I haven't used it on a mod yet though. When I was younger I'd polish my aluminum bmx bike with it though, that frame turned into a mirror.
  18. MrPlink

    MrPlink Ultra Member

    Bang for your buck mothers is very hard to argue with. There are a couple things I can think of which work better (rather are a little easier to work with) but cost twice as much for only half as much product.

    Mothers will work on just about all forms of metal and even on somethings that arent metal to begin with.
  19. Midniteoyl

    Midniteoyl Vaping Master Verified Member

    Add my vote for Mothers..
  20. Fuzzy Bruce

    Fuzzy Bruce Ultra Member Verified Member

    First, I do not own a copper mod. Having seen a couple at a local vape lounge, I kind of like the patina on a well used copper.

    Sure, the inside needs to be shiny, for conductance, if nothing else, but I would be concerned with any polish that leaves any sort of residue.
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