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Discussion in 'eGo Type Models' started by krazyglue, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. krazyglue

    krazyglue Senior Member Verified Member

    How do you clean your ego-c attys? The same as your ego t? Also, do you need to clean the ring that holds the atty to the tube?

    Also, can one make another wick?

    Thanks, I am a newbie :D (only a couple months vaping, and smoke free since Christmas!)
  2. krazyglue

    krazyglue Senior Member Verified Member

    No one? :(
  3. sheik124

    sheik124 Senior Member

    It's very similar to cleaning the eGo-T. Take the cone apart, and get the atomizer head out. Use a flathead screwdriver or similar tool to remove the top plate with the wick. Rinse both pieces, try and blow the water off. Use a lighter to burn the wick until it's clean. Put only the bottom end (coil) of the atomizer head back into the cone, and dry-burn it in short 1-2 seconds bursts until all the crud burns off. Rinse it again, blow it out, give it another short 1-2 seconds burst. Prime the coil and the wick with a drop of the e-liquid you're going to use, put it all back together. The wickplate should be perpendicular to the coil, so if the coil is going this way - make sure the wick plate is going this way |.

    I read similar instructions here but couldn't find them again, if I've made a mistake, someone please correct me.
  4. sammy43

    sammy43 Super Member

  5. krazyglue

    krazyglue Senior Member Verified Member

    Thank you so much!
  6. Foxfur

    Foxfur Senior Member Verified Member

    Hi Krazy,
    I pop out the atty module, drop it into a film cannister, fill 3/4 full of the hottest water that the kitchen tap provides, and shake the piss out of it for 10 seconds. I do this 3 times then blow thru the bottom (non-pointy) end, and set it in a shallow dish on the windowsill for a few days. As we have 5 attys with the kit initially, we can rinse and rotate our attys and always have at least two waiting for us. Yay!
  7. Foxfur

    Foxfur Senior Member Verified Member

    I do plan to use Sammy's process every 3-4 rinses though. It's simple, effective, and requires no special equipment except a jeweler's screwdriver and a sharp mind. Hell, even a dull old soldier's mind like mine can understand it :)
    Thanks Sammy!
  8. sammy43

    sammy43 Super Member

    Foxfur - Glad it is working for you. I have really enjoyed the eGo-C! Vaping some NLV Bounty Hunter on a 2 month old atty right now. :vapor:
  9. artbyshan

    artbyshan Senior Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I'm not suggesting anyone do this, but I had good luck with this. I almost everytime clean the cone with dry Q-tips when refilling the tank (Under the atty base, the well for the battery, and inside the cone). Every few days, I use vodka on the Q-tip to do this (Cleaning the threads w/ one end, drying w/ the other end). When inserting the tank, I insert horizontal and when it connects I rotate it one full turn (In this way you get a secure seal with no leaks). On an older atty (Close to a week, or when I notice poor vaping), I just fill a tank about half way with vodka only (No e-juice; Rinse and dry the tank before inserting the vodka) and vape (Don't inhale). Once done, I remove the cartridge and do a few dry burns without the tank. Rinse the tank and thoroughly dry again (I dab everything cone and all with a dry Q-tip again). Return to normal (Fill tank with e-juice). Works for me.
  10. egodzilla

    egodzilla Senior Member

    Hmm ...

    Sheikhs method ... It seems the atty is cleaned pretty good but sometimes I get a little burned taste straight from the start ...

    Maybe because I am not priming the coil and wick.

    Now what I am starting to suspect is, that the first puffs are extremely important at this atty. Is it possible that if you wick it to much by cold puffs that you get slightly burned hits straight from the start?

    Its weird cause sometimes it burns clean and sometimes burned right from the first puffs of a cleaned atty.
  11. Foxfur

    Foxfur Senior Member Verified Member

    I used hot alcohol to clean contaminated parts on medical and surgical instrument parts. My repair shop was right next to central stores so I had access to surplus EToH. I used it mainly to sterilize, but it cleaned every last trace of contaminants from the instruments. Hot solvent is much more effective than cold.
  12. Insomaniac10

    Insomaniac10 Senior Member Verified Member

    I dont trust myself to take the attys apart without ruining them, so here is what i do:

    1. put a small amount of baking soda into a plastic baggie
    2. throw my attys in and shake the bag around for a minute or so
    3. take my attys out of the bag andstand them up on a small plate
    4. take a spoon and slowly drip vinegar onto them
    -the idea here is that the chemical reaction will help loosen up some of the buildup-

    5. once im done doing that i boil them for 10-15min
    6. blow the water out, prime them with a couple drops
    7. good to go!

    ive used this method with the same two attys for almost two months, and they are still going strong!!
  13. nuggetz

    nuggetz Senior Member Verified Member

    Don't be afraid to take the spike off the atty. There are only 3 pieces to the atty including the wick. Taking it apart allows you to see how dirty the coil is and in my opinion you need to dry burn them to really get the gunk off. If you're worried about screwing things up then leave the wick in the spike as sometimes you can affect the flow of liquid if the wick isn't in the proper position.

    Try it on an old atty and you'll see that there isn't anything to it.

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  14. n9emz

    n9emz Super Member Verified Member

    I don't rotate anything but batteries any more because I want to determine the lifespan of my attys. I just don't allow them to gunk up. I blow them out daily and soak them overnight after two to three days of use. Two months today on my original 510 and eGO tank attys with no failures. The difference with the type C is after blowing it out I disassemble it and soak the atty head only.
  15. Insomaniac10

    Insomaniac10 Senior Member Verified Member

    You're right! I just tried it on a busted atty! I tried it once but i think i was a little too impatient and ended bending the metal a bit ...this time, with a little patience and finesse, the little sucker came right out! Thank you

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